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Hot Flash Report - Ann Rose and Diane Derzis

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Lifetime abortion rights activists Ann Rose and Diane Derzis discuss the future of abortion rights and abortion clinic access on the HotFlash Report podcast. Both have worked for 50 years in abortion clinics since the 1970s. Ann started the first abortion clinic directory, Abortion Clinics Online in 1995 and also opened the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last standing abortion clinic in Mississippi. Diane bought the clinic in 2011. The Jackson clinic is now at the center of a Supreme Court challenge to the legality of abortion which was argued in December of 2021. The Court could decide this case in the first half of 2022 and it could mean that abortion would be illegal In half the states. Ann & Dianne are pissed off that the shit has hit the fan and that abortion is in this much jeopardy.

The podcast will include guests who can illuminate our understanding about what is happening and give practical tips for fighting this upcoming erosion of women’s rights.

On Anchor: https://anchor.fm/ann-rose1

On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3lb9WQgJS62evXGGFbNM0m

The HotFlash Report Blog is also at:
HotFlashReport.com. New episodes are dropped every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and whenever there is a breaking crisis.

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