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Incest and Abortion: Guide into Options and Legal Aspects

Incest and abortion.

Dealing with a pregnancy as a result of incest is an undeniably difficult issue, and it is not something that anybody should ever experience. However, it’s important to note that you do have options and rights when it comes to ending the pregnancy. This article plans to guide you on how to gather evidence of incest and access abortion services in every state.

Incest and Abortion: Specific Laws by State

The first crucial step involves understanding the abortion laws in your state. The abortion statutes across America vary greatly. Some states, for example, have formulated laws limiting abortions, while others have relaxed policies focusing on reproductive rights and the availability of abortion facilities.

Incest and Abortion: Abortion Laws and Exceptions by State


Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi:

  • Almost complete abortion bans, even in cases of incest, with few or no exceptions allowed.


California, New York, Washington:

  • Introduction of more liberal measures that allow abortions until the latest stages, including those involving incest-related issues.


Requirements for Proving Incest

You might be expected to produce valid proof confirming that a given pregnancy resulted from incest if you wish to undergo an abortion. When addressing situations like this, one often ends up reporting them to the authorities and working with the police towards investigations concerning this matter. It’s vital to note that not all survivors report their case as certain factors may influence it.

Incest and Abortion: Exceptions

Some states rely on other types of evidence besides police records, like medical files or witnesses, when validating allegations of incest.

Accessing Abortion Care due to Pregnancy by Incest

After having understood all these laws and demands about your state, it’s time to go through ways of accessing an abortion. This includes arranging appointments with healthcare providers or clinics offering termination services. Most cities have clinics designed explicitly for victims who were inseminated through rape incidents that caused their pregnancies.

Supporting Abortion in Incest Cases

Aborting as a result of having survived incest is a highly challenging and emotionally draining experience. During this time, creating a support system around you is essential. Share your feelings and seek advice from family members, friends, or survivor support groups.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on whether to undergo an abortion following incest is indeed one of the most challenging choices ever. It’s important to be gentle with yourself while going through this situation. Take time to consider your options, considering that both physical aspects matter. Remember that you’re alone in this journey, as there are people out there who will help you through it.

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