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South Carolina Abortion Clinics


NOTICE: Abortion is still LEGAL in the state of South Carolina

Abortion is legal in South Carolina. Call the nearest abortion clinic to you for details.

Click on clinics in other state listings / nearby states to find abortion care near you.


South Carolina Abortion clinics near me - Michael Benjamin, MD abortion clinic in Florida

Greenville Women's Clinic - abortion in South Carolina

Greenville Women’s Clinic
Greenville Women's Clinic - abortion clinic in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville Women’s Clinic

  • Abortion Pill to 10 weeks
  • Early Procedure Abortions to 14 weeks
  • Asleep or Awake Anesthesia
  • Discount for Students, Military, First Responder, Law Enforcement, Medicaid
  • 1142 Grove Road
  • Greenville, SC 29605
  • 864-232-1584 local

Verified Abortion Clinic

Verified Abortion Clinic