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Louisiana Abortion Clinics

Abortion clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Michael Benjamin, MD surgical abortion
Louisiana abortion clinics - Little Rock Family Planning Services abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas
Texas abortion clinics - Houston Women's ClinicFind Louisiana abortion clinics in Shreveport. Abortion clinics serving Louisiana include Boulder, Colorado, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Services offered early abortion, medical abortion, abortion pill, surgical abortions, late abortion care, and gyn services.

Shreveport Abortion Clinics

Hope Medical Group for Women
318-221-5500/ 800-448-5004
210 Kings Highway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71104


Boulder, Colorado - Boulder Late Abortion Clinic 303-447-1361/ 800-535-1287
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Michael Benjamin, MD OB GYN 954-720-7777/ 888-808-7581
Houston, Texas - Houston Women’s Clinic 713-868-4483/ 800-646-4483
Little Rock, Arkansas - Little Rock Family Planning Services 501-225-3836/ 800-272-2183