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Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Family Reproductive Health, Charlotte North Carolina

Family Reproductive Health abortion clinic in Charlotte, NC

Family Reproductive Health

“We are a women’s health center specializing in family planning and abortion services. I began working here in 1982 and later became the owner of the clinic. As a nurse, a mother and a feminist, I wanted to create a different atmosphere for women confronting sexuality and pregnancy decisions. I have created a place for you to find and hear your own voice. So, in our clinic we tell the truth, we talk about the hard “stuff,” we laugh, we cry, and we hold women in high regard.” – Deborah Walsh, Executive Director/Owner

Family Reproductive Health offers a variety of family planning, GYN and abortion services. Our staff are well trained, skilled, compassionate and committed to providing high quality care. Women of all ages come to us for birth control, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, annual check-ups and Pap Smear tests, pregnancy tests, ultrasound dating of pregnancy, decision counseling surrounding pregnancy, and abortion services.

A woman experiences pregnancy with her physical as well as her emotional and spiritual being. We offer excellent medical care in a clean and safe environment. We go a step farther to pay attention to the other aspects of this decision. A woman’s head may be saying one thing and her heart another. Acknowledging the range of feelings will help a woman make the best decision for her life and move forward from a place of peace and power. Women are the gatekeepers of life. We have always decided when to bring life into the world through our bodies. We trust your ability to find your own path. Our focus is the woman who sits in our midst. Our mission is to make the world a better place, one woman, one family at a time.

Services Offered
Abortion From 4 to 17 Weeks
Abortion By Pill
Same Day Appointments
Walk-in Pregnancy Testing
Pain Medication or Injection Sedation
Ultrasound Included
Lab Tests (Rh Typing, Anemia Screening & Pregnancy Test)
Follow-up Examination Included
Pregnancy Confirmation for Medicaid
Family Planning and Birth Control

Ask About Private Appointments

Family Reproductive Health is located at:
700 E. Hebron Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

Call us at: 704-551-0808 or 800-952-9034

Our office hours are :
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday 8 AM to 1

> Pregnancy Test Services Monday through Saturday during open hours
> Special Counseling Services by Appointment

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Allentown Women’s Center, Bethlehem, PA

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Allentown Women’s Center, Bethlehem, PA

Allentown Women’s Center

Providing safe, compassionate and confidential reproductive health care for over 35 years.

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Allentown Women’s Center, Bethlehem, PA we are committed to the HIGHEST medical standards.

  • Staffed by experienced Board-Certified physicians
  • Accredited by the National Abortion Federation
  • Licensed, inspected and approved by the PA Dept. of Health
  • Trusted by patients and doctors since 1978

En AWC hablamos español, al llamar por favor pida hablar con una de nuestras consejeras bilingües.

Allentown Women’s Center services include:

Pregnancy Loss Program – Fetal Anomaly/Maternal Indication

At Allentown Women’s Center, Bethlehem, PA we understand that it can be an overwhelming experience for a family to receive such devastating news regarding pregnancy loss of a wanted pregnancy. We offer our support and kindness to help you through this crisis.

Our Pregnancy Loss Program includes:

  • Sensitive support to help families to cope with grieving
  • Honoring & remembering the baby (at your request)
  • Foot prints
  • Coordinating with funeral homes for services
  • Alternative semi-private waiting area for your family/support persons
  • Counseling and other support referrals
  • Coordination of arrangements for further genetic testing

Miscarriage Management

Miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion, is when a pregnancy has ended and is no longer progressing. Miscarriage is a common occurrence. Estimates are that 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Signs of Miscarriage

You may be experiencing a miscarriage if you have spotting, light to heavy bleeding during pregnancy. You may also pass clots and experience pain in your abdomen or cramping.

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Allentown Women’s Center, Bethlehem, PA

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Little Rock Family Planning Services, Arkansas

Little Rock Family Planning Services - abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Family Planning Services

About Us

Medical Excellence, Confidentiality, State of the Art Women’s Health Care Provided in a Safe and Secure Setting

Little Rock Family Planning Services is a modern, free standing, out-patient surgical center. We provide abortion care to a wide geographical area. Currently, we are the only licensed surgical abortion clinic in the state of Arkansas.

We have a team of very experienced physicians that are all medical doctors, and are all licensed by the state of Arkansas. Tom Tvedten, MD, our Medical Director has been providing abortion care in Arkansas for over 25 years.

Our clinic has a well-deserved reputation for quality patient care and surgical excellence. We are inspected annually by the Arkansas Department of Health, and we meet or exceed all standards set by the state. We are a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) — an organization that sets national standards for abortion care.

Our clinical staff model utilizes a team approach to provide the best possible care for each patient, enhanced by an attitude of warmth, respect, and complete confidentiality.

Little Rock Family Planning Services

(501) 225-3836 or 
(800) 272-2183 toll-free

Surgical services scheduled:
Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00 AM

Clinical days subject to change, call clinic for available appointment days.

Call our receptionist to schedule an appointment:
Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM
Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM

Little Rock Family Planning Services is a Member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

4 Office Park Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

501.225.3836 direct

800.272.2183 toll-free

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Equality Health Center, Concord, New Hampshire

Equality Health Center - abortion clinic in Concord, NH


Equality Health Center

Equality Health Center is a non-profit, free standing healthcare facility with a highly qualified, dedicated staff of medical and support professionals. We are dedicated to assuring that everyone has access to the healthcare services they require in order to stay in control of their gynecological and sexual health. To that end, we provide these important services:

We are now offering more pain management options, at no additional cost, than any other New Hampshire clinic.

Scheduling an Appointment

Our healthcare workers can schedule an appointment promptly and will be happy to answer your questions. Call 855-502-3858 (toll free) or 603-225-2739 (local). They are available: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Friday.

Our current appointment hours are:

  • Mondays from noon to 8pm
  • Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8:45am to 4:30pm
  • Fridays beginning at 7:30am (Surgical abortions only)

Our schedule is subject to change on occasion due to holidays, etc. We do our best to accommodate your schedule. When you call we will fit you in as soon as possible, often the same day.

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Equality Health Center, Concord, New Hampshire are now pleased to offer free WIFI service throughout the building for the convenience of our clients.

Also, if you have health insurance and are hoping to use it for any visit at the Center, we will need you to provide us with information from your card so we can pre-verify coverage with your insurance carrier.

​Equality Health Center

38 S Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

​Make An Appointment

Phone:  603-225-2739 

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Heritage Clinic for Women, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Heritage Clinic for Women, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heritage Clinic for Women

Professionals Dedicated to Providing Quality Care Since 1973

Heritage Clinic for Women provides a caring and confidential environment focused on women and their reproductive and emotional health. Every woman facing a difficult reproductive choice deserves a respectful surrounding where she can gather factual information, explore all her options and receive sensitive support.

Services offered:

» Medical (Non-Surgical) Abortion up to 10 weeks LMP » Pre and Post Abortion Counseling
» Surgical (Suction Curettage) Abortion from 4 weeks 6 days to 14 weeks LMP » Contraceptive Options
» D&E (Dialation & Evacuation) Abortion from 15 weeks to 22 weeks LMP » Ultrasonography
» Conscious Sedation » Pregnancy Test
» Pre-surgical Medications for Pain Control » Hemoglobin and Rh factor Testing

Please Note: Michigan 24 Hour Consent Law – all women in the state of Michigan choosing to have an abortion must schedule an abortion appointment and receive specific state mandated verbal and printed material about pregnancy, parenting and abortion 24 hours before the abortion procedure will occur.

Request An Appointment at Heritage Clinic for Women Request An Appointment Michigan 24 hour abortion consent law Abortion
Consent Laws
Abortion Patient Comments Patient Comments

Our abortion clinic services are provided on an outpatient basis and include expert medical attention, confidential counseling and follow-up care in a nonjudgmental setting.

As a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), we strive to set the highest standard of care in Michigan while obtaining support from our nationwide community of NAF providers.

Heritage Clinic For Women has been offering gynecological care and abortion services in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 1973.

Thomas J. Gordon, M.D., Gynecologist, is the current Medical Director and has served in this capacity since 1986. He possesses a strong sense of dedication, professionalism and integrity in combination with his medical knowledge and superior skills.

Our entire staff is committed to focusing on the physical and emotional needs of each individual we serve. We embrace the history and wisdom of each woman, the burden of choice resulting from contraceptive failure or human error, and the depth of responsibility involved with parenting, adoption and abortion.

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Heritage Clinic for Women, Grand Rapids, Michigan is Licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as a Freestanding Surgical Outpatient Facility.

10 Things You Can Do to Protect Reproductive Rights, Stop Kavanaugh

10 Things You Can Do to Protect Reproductive Rights, Stop Kavanaugh

Dozens of pieces have thoughtfully itemized how Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, will destroy abortion rights, gut religious freedom, and send us back to the pre-civil rights dark ages.10 Things You Can Do to Protect Reproductive Rights, Stop Kavanaugh

But Kavanaugh’s approval is not a foregone conclusion. Even Mitch McConnell cautioned the president that the large volume of documents Kavanaugh produced as an appeals court judge could make it difficult for him to gain approval. Progressives and moderates can and should fight back against this nominee.

I’ve warned before that the wailing and gnashing of teeth about how hopeless everything is plays right into the hands of the far-right. They want liberals to feel overwhelmed and demoralized, because then it’s easier to force their policies on all of us. Rather than wasting one more second feeling hopeless or convincing others that the end is nigh, we all need to focus on taking meaningful action.

There’s still plenty we can do to stop or slow Kavanaugh’s nomination. And even if he makes it to the bench, progressives can fight back against the assault on reproductive rights. Here are 10 things you can do—many in just a few minutes, most from home.

Contact Moderate Senators

If the entire caucus of Democrats votes against Kavanaugh, then if one Republican defects, his nomination will fail. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have voted with Trump 80% of the time, but have also signaled that they care about public feedback and do not want to see an end to choice. Call Susan Collins at (202) 224-2523, and Lisa Murkowski at (202) 224-6665. Urge them to protect women and choice, and highlight the catastrophic effects of a world without choice.

Contact Your Senators

There’s no guarantee that every Democrat will vote against Kavanaugh. So turn up the pressure. Remind them that you can vote them out, and that there are consequences for their vote. Click here, sort by state, and then contact the two senators for your state. If you have a Republican senator, go ahead and call them, too. Remind them that they’re accountable to all constituents—not just the conservative ones.

Know the Laws in Your State

Roe vs. Wade enshrined privacy as a Constitutional right, thereby making it illegal for states to create undue burdens on this right. Many states had legalized abortion well before this landmark decision. So ultimately—unless a federal anti-abortion law passes, which is unlikely—abortion rights really depend on what the states do. Get to know the laws in your state, then lobby to end those that reduce access or that could ultimately eliminate choice.

Help Fund a Woman’s Abortion

Abortion has always been accessible to the wealthy. So an end to abortion rights is really about an end to abortion rights for the poor. Even though abortion is technically legal, it remains out of reach for many poor women. Waiting periods force women to travel long distances overnight. Lack of insurance coverage forces women to try to put together funds, only to find themselves paying for a more expensive second trimester abortion—or to discover that their state has banned this procedure.

Take direct action by contacting your local abortion clinic and offering to pay for the abortion of a woman in need. Help fund a friend’s abortion. Or donate to the National Network of Abortion Funds. For many women, choice exists only in theory. Help make it a reality by putting your money where your politics are.

Pressure Local Officials for Protective Legislation

Anti-choice activists have long lobbied states to limit choice. Now pro-choice activists are taking a page out of their playbook and lobbying for protective legislation. Abortion is ultimately a local issue. So lobby your local representatives to protect choice rights. Here’s a great list of some of the ways local officials have worked to enshrine women’s rights to control their  bodies.

Show Up at Your State Legislature

It’s a lot harder to ignore your constituents when they show up at your office every day. It’s even harder to ignore them if they film you when you dismiss or insult them. Start showing up at your state legislature. Attend committee meetings. Go to your representatives’ office hours. Make your voice heard and your presence known.

Get Involved With Local Groups

Local groups can connect you to resources in your community, offer advocacy skills training, and even prepare you to run for political office. NARAL is a great national level resources that can help connect you to groups in your community. Sign up to volunteer here.

Vote (and Help Others Vote)

Every election matters. That’s doubly true at the local level. Local regulations can push back and make abortion more accessible. Or they can further restrict choice—or even ban it outright. So it’s critical to vote not just in the big elections, but in every election. Spend some time researching each candidate after viewing a sample ballot here.

Help other people vote, too. Post election reminders on social media. Ask your friends if they’ve voted. Drive them to their polling places. Or volunteer to help register people to vote.

Protest and Obstruct at Every Level

Roe could end if Kavanaugh secures the seat for which he was nominated. We might not be able to stop him. That doesn’t mean choice has to die. Local regulations matter just as much as the Supreme Court. And elected officials—even conservative ones—do not want to be voted out. So obstruct and protest every chance you get. Show up to protest anti-choicers at their office hours, at restaurants, and out in public. Don’t shop at anti-choice organizations. The very least any of us can do is make it hard to be opposed to women’s rights.

Support Your Local Abortion Clinic

Your local abortion clinic is already on the frontlines of the fight for reproductive rights. They may need clinic escorts or other volunteers. Some work with paid or volunteer lobbyists to tackle important legislation in their state. Many, such as the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, offer coordinated advocacy days and training for activists. Find a list of abortion clinics by state here.


Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Mildred S. Hanson MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Mildred S. Hanson MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Mildred S. Hanson MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Experienced Gynecological Services in Minneapolis, MN

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Mildred S. Hanson MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota provides gentle, trusted, and experienced care by friendly female staff and physicians. We pride ourselves on offering personal and individual care, as well as pain management services.

Our full range of gynecological services cover abortion, contraception, mammograms, pap smears, and more. We have a unique understanding of your needs, both physically and emotionally. With each of our services, our caring staff members help you feel comfortable, confident, and secure.

Mildred S. Hanson MD office is conveniently located just south of downtown Minneapolis with quick and easy access to the airport and major freeways. We are willing to work with your schedule and even have Saturday appointments available. Please call (612) 870-1334 for an appointment, or for additional information.

The friendly female staff and physicians at Mildred S. Hanson MD provide:

1.  Abortion Services

  • First and second trimester abortions (up to 20 weeks Last Menstrual Period)
  • Early medical abortion using RU 486 (the “abortion pill”)

2.  Contraception

  • IUD insertion available at time of abortion
  • Long acting progestin (Depo-Provera)
  • Laparoscopic sterilization
  • Nexplanon insertion and removal
  • Birth control pills
  • NuvaRing (a once a month contraceptive)

3.  Other Gynecological Services

  • Pap smears
  • Routine mammograms
  • Annual checkups
  • Colposcopy
  • Laser and LEEP treatment of cervical dysplasia
  • New HPV immunization (Gardasil)

Phone or Fax

In the Metro Area, Call: (612) 870 1334
Outstate, Please Call: (877) 870 1334 (toll-free).
Fax: (612) 871-0864


Mildred S. Hanson, MD PA
710 East 24th Street, Suite 403
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Mildred S. Hanson MD

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Amy R. Cousins MD, Vestal, New York

Amy Cousins MD - abortion clinic in Vestal, New York

Amy R. Cousins MD

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Amy R. Cousins MD, Vestal, New York

Direct (607) 785-4171 

Dr. Amy R. Cousins provides ONE VISIT abortion care. The kind of abortion care found in an outpatient facility such as Dr. Cousins’ SAFE and PRIVATE office is preferable to most women and also costs less.
High-quality abortion care services made available to women in Upstate New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania near Binghamton, New York.
  • No Parental Consent
  • No Waiting Period
  • Sedation Included
  • Morning After Pill (Emergency Contraception / Plan B)
  • Walk-Ins Welcome

Our Services

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: Amy R. Cousins MD, Vestal, New York

Amy R. Cousins, MD
149 Vestal Parkway West
PO Box 642
Vestal, NY  13851

Toll Free (800) 676-9011

Fake Clinics Outnumber Real Clinics 10-1, TX Half Receive Govt Funding

Fake Clinics Outnumber Real Clinics 10-1, TX Half Receive Govt Funding

More than 200 fake abortion clinics operate in Texas, according to a Rewire.News analysis. Fake abortion clinics, sometimes called crisis pregnancy centers, lure women in with promises of free pregnancy tests. They may also masquerade as abortion clinics. When women arrive, they’re met with anti-abortion propaganda and scare tactics. The clinics now outnumber real Texas abortion clinics more than 10 to 1. 

Government-Funded Abortion Clinics Outnumber Real Clinics in Texas

Crisis pregnancy centers argue that they merely offer an alternative to abortion. Yet time and again, investigations reveal that these clinics promote religious material, give women false information, and even threaten women to coerce them to give birth.

Yet Texas lawmakers continue to fund these facilities, which offer no real medical care. The Texas Alternatives to Abortion program has distributed more than $21.6 million in funding to anti-abortion organizations since 2014. Lawmakers continue to slash funding to family planning services, while diverting millions to clinics that can provide no evidence that any service they provide confers any benefit on women.

In some cases, lawmakers have taken funding from programs for needy children to fund crisis pregnancy centers.

How Fake Clinics Hurt Women

Crisis pregnancy centers take a heavy-handed approach to advertising. They target abortion-related keywords in Google searches, and in many cases end up outranking actual clinics. The influx of government funding helps them outspend clinics providing real medical services.

Numerous investigations have shown that these clinics harm women. Even when the clinics are effective at convincing women to give birth, they offer no maternity care and no real support.

Women who opt to have abortions may face threats and stalking. Because crisis pregnancy centers aren’t medical providers, they’re not bound by medical ethics or medical privacy laws. Yet women often reveal private medical information because they think they’re receiving medical services. This enables the clinics to sell women’s information to third parties, and even tell anti-abortion activists about women who intend to seek abortions. In at least one case, a crisis pregnancy center used confidential health information to continually intimidate a 17-year-old and her family.

Fake clinics argue that they have a free speech right to lie to women and pretend to be medical providers. In NIFLA v. Bacerra, a case currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, California crisis pregnancy centers argue that a law requiring them to disclose that they do not offer medical services is unconstitutional.


#RealClinics - AbortionClinics.com reputable abortion clinics badge

Abortion Clinic Spotlight: AbortionClinics.Org, Bethesda, Maryland

AbortionClinics.Org - late abortion clinic in Bethesda, Maryland



Abortion Clinic Spotlight: AbortionClinics.Org, Bethesda, Maryland

When abortion becomes the choice you have to make, we believe you deserve the very best.

Founded May 1, 1992 by LeRoy and Mary Lou Carhart, our mission is to provide pregnancy terminations, contraception and routine medical care to women and men in a compassionate, comfortable and personal environment. We recognize the needs of each client as an individual, while attempting to keep costs as affordable as possible. Every member of our team has pledged to make your experience with us one we would want for our sisters, our partners, our mothers and our daughters. And we want you to know, you are not alone. One of every three women of child bearing age in the United States will have or has had an abortion.

What matters most to you?

Privacy, Confidentiality, Discretion

Whatever words you use to ensure that your visit with us will not become public, we pledge to do everything humanly possible to keep your visit with us and what it was for confidential. As we are a full service family health clinic, even if someone were to find out you had visited us, why you were here remains private. We provide school physicals, D.O.T. physicals, care for minor emergencies, annual exams for men and women, treatment for sexually acquired diseases, family planning and permanent sterilizations for men.


There are many issues that must be addressed to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout your visit here. Although for many, when they think about comfort, physical pain is what immediately comes to mind; but if is really only one part. Yes, you will have some pain; however, most women describe the pain to be like bad “period cramps”. Conscious sedation can be considered for certain situations in particular locations in addition to the local anesthetic. You need to know that you will not be judged by us, that we will fully respect your choice. Our pledge is to treat every patient with kindness, courtesy, love, justice, and respect.


At AbortionClinics.org, abortion is what we do. This is not a “side business” that we provide one day a week. We are never “booked up” for 2 or 3 weeks. We do not only care for women early in their pregnancy, and refer patients we don’t want to others for care. We promise to get you in as soon as any legally mandated delays are met. You will note that we require 2 or 3 days for advanced gestations and for medical complications. These are required for the safety of your abortion and protect your ability to carry future pregnancies to term without problems.

One Stop Convenience

You can schedule your pap test and annual physical exam as well as birth control with your abortion. We offer paps, IUDs, Nexplanon, and depo-provera at your procedure. We offer STD testing and treatment, in some locations, at no extra charge. You may leave with a birth control prescription. You may leave with all your needed medications at no extra charge. Your follow-up visit is free. At your follow-up we can insert IUDs.

Financial Assistance

AbortionClinics.org is a member of the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network, and as an approved member, we have access to loans and grants for women who qualify financially. Most funds require that you have an appointment prior to their approval. The staff person that takes your appointment will take your funding information and will call the funds we can, and have you call the funds that require patients to contact them directly. We must have all funding in place before your appointment, so its best to start early.

Appointment Availability

At AbortionClinics.org, abortion is our business. It is not an additional service that we provide once a week or when we have a doctor. We do not limit our schedule and we try to schedule every patient on the day they wish. It is unusual that we cannot see you within 5 days or less. We must follow all state mandatory waiting periods. Abortions at advanced gestations and for some maternal medical conditions require multiple day protocols to assure that your health and your ability to carry future pregnancies is not compromised.

Support Of Clergy

AbortionClinics.org subscribes to Faith Aloud and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. If you are struggling with your decision or would just like to speak to a member of the clergy, please call us. We will have a member of the clergy contact you.

24/7/365 Emergency Contact Number

Each patient is given a private telephone number that will reach our doctors at any time. It is our belief that almost every “disaster” can be prevented if we don’t ignore the “little” problems that are often easily treatable. We encourage our patients and/or their support persons to call any time they are worried about anything.