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District of Columbia Abortion Clinics

Find District of Columbia abortion clinics in Washington, Northeast Washington, Georgetown, Annandale, Capitol Hill, Fort Myer, Alexandria, DC. Out-of-state District of Columbia abortion clinics include Boulder, CO, Falls Church and Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Rockville, MD.

District of Columbia abortion clinics may offer medical abortion, RU486, surgical abortions, birth control, Abortion Pill, morning after pill, late abortion, and fetal / genetic indication specialists.

Washington DC Abortion Clinics

Family Planning & Prevention Clinic
202-877-7479/ 855-200-3678

800-699-7003 / 301-423-3313

5625 Allentown Rd.Suite #203
Camp Springs, Maryland 20746



Alexandria, Virginia - Annandale Women and Family Center 703-751-2983
Boulder, Colorado - Boulder Late Abortion Clinic 303-447-1361/ 800-535-1287
Falls Church, Virginia - Falls Church Healthcare Center 703-532-2500/ 800-228-3561
Gaithersburg, Maryland - Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic Gaithersburg 301-921-0077