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Abortion is still LEGAL in all 50 states

Abortion Clinics Online (ACOL) directory has been online since 1995 and has had over 40 million visitors. Some of the MOST REPUTABLE and TRUSTED abortion clinics, doctors, and Planned Parenthood clinics are listed here.

Now Listing abortion providers of Telemedicine (receive the abortion pill by mail)!

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Abortion clinics listed here are REAL and provide abortion services. Beware of FAKE “anti-abortion” centers that advertise as if they’re abortion clinics but, DO NOT OFFER abortions, nor do they support people seeking abortions. We support your RIGHT to CHOOSE. Choose wisely. Watch out for #FakeClinics and AVOID going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Ms. magazine features Abortion Clinics Online directory - Celebrating 25 yearsAbortion Clinics Online—the first abortion clinic directory—celebrates 25 years of service, despite legal restrictions, court battles and anti-abortion terrorism. read more

Abortion fees vary from clinic-to-clinic, state-to-state. Contact the clinics directly for abortion fees, and whether or not, you qualify for discounts or financial help.

ACOL is a paid directory, therefore some clinics may not be listed. Read About Us if you’re not sure where to go for an abortion or what to ask for. ACOL assumes no responsibility. It is your responsibility to be a good medical consumer and ask questions. Our directory does not imply endorsement, nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

It’s Your Body, Your Choice — As with all medical services, you should independently check with licensed physicians who meet community standards. Click here if you want to be listed in ACOL.


National Abortion Federation (NAF)National Abortion Federation (“NAF”) provides standards of care, protocols, and clinical education to health care professionals. ACOL is a NAF Preferred Service Provider.

Abortion Care Network (ACN)Abortion Care Network (“ACN”) provides independent abortion providers the tools and resources to keep exceptional, patient-centered abortion care available in communities throughout the United States.

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