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Abortion Clinics Online (AbortionClinics.com) – Promoting Women’s Reproductive Health Since 1995

1st and largest online directory of over 200 real abortion clinics and medical abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

ACOL (formerly Gynpages.com) has been online since 1995 and has had over 35 million visitors. Some of the MOST REPUTABLE  and TRUSTED abortion clinics and doctors are listed here.

You can trust that the centers listed here are “REAL” and provide abortion services versus FAKE “anti-abortion” centers that advertise online as if they are abortion clinics, but do not offer abortions, nor support women seeking to have an abortion. We support the RIGHT to CHOOSE. Choose wisely. Watch out for #FakeClinics and avoid going to one. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fake abortion clinics. Read more & watch video

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Note: Abortion fees vary from clinic-to-clinic, state-to-state. Fees are primarily based on the length of pregnancy, anesthesia choices and other variables. You should contact the individual center directly for pricing and whether or not you qualify for discounts or financial help.

ACOL is a paid directory, therefore some clinics may not be listed. Read our About Us page if you’re not sure where to go for an abortion or what to ask for. Our online directory does not imply endorsement, nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

It’s Your Body, Your Choice
As with all medical services, you should check with your local health care agencies to ensure that you are dealing with reputable licensed physicians. Check to see if the services they offer meet local medical standards.

ACOL assumes no responsibility. It is however your responsibility to be a good medical consumer and ask questions.

You Are Not Alone

1 in 4 U.S. women have an abortion by age 45. They come from all walks of life, all races, all economic situations, all educational levels, all stratas of society, and all states. Sometimes, abortion is the most empowering thing a woman can do, and over 30 million women have had abortions since it was legalized in 1973. It is nothing to be ashamed of and whatever provider you choose should treat you with dignity and respect.

Sadly, induced abortion is on the rise in the United States due to the state laws and policies restricting access to abortion care. Globally, 56 million abortions occur each year and nearly half (25 million) are unsafe. An unintended pregnancy is one that was either mistimed or unwanted (45% of all pregnancies). If a woman did not want to become pregnant at the time the pregnancy occurred, but did want to become pregnant at some point in the future, the pregnancy is considered mistimed (27% of pregnancies). If a woman did not want to become pregnant then or at any time in the future, the pregnancy is considered unwanted (18% of pregnancies).

Learn more about abortion laws and statistics from Guttmacher Institute

National Network of Abortion Funds is launching We Testify, an abortion storyteller leadership program with an accompanying website to further shift the culture around abortion experiences. Read the story here. Share your story.

The ACOL team shows their support to abortion providers by being active members of the following two abortion provider organizations: National Abortion Federation (“NAF”) and Abortion Care Network (“ACN”)

Find Abortion Clinics Online member of National Abortion Federation ("NAF") Member - https://prochoice.org/

NAF History: One of the greatest public health achievements of modern medicine was the legalization of abortion, which resulted in at least a 90% reduction in abortion-related deaths. Today women can be assured that abortion is one of the safest and most commonly provided medical procedures in the United States. But the medical community did not step forward to accept abortion practice when it was legalized by the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Instead, the National Abortion Federation has filled this gap by providing standards of care, protocols, and clinical education to health care professionals. ACOL is a proud member and supporter.

Abortion Clinics Online member of Abortion Care Network (ACN) - Abortion Clinics Online is an ACN Member

ACOL supports Abortion Care Network (ACN) to provide independent abortion providers the tools and resources to keep exceptional, patient-centered abortion care available in communities throughout the United States. They ensure abortion providers and the individuals and families who rely on the necessary care they provide are able to thrive.

Find Abortion Clinics Online en Espanol - Clinicas de Aborto en Linea - Las clínicas de aborto en los Estados Unidos. Abortos

Clínicas de Aborto En Línea es un servicio directorio que consta de los sitios web de más de 200 proveedores de servicios de aborto y otros servicios de la salud reproductiva. Los proveedores pueden ser consultorios privados de médicos, clínicas licenciadas por el estado, clínicas privadas u hospitales con servicios de aborto. Las clínicas de aborto enumeradas aquí están localizadas en 40 estados de los Estados Unidos, tanto como en Australia y otros países internacionales. A nuestro conocimiento, no hay ningún centro anti-aborto de “consultas del embarazo” incluido aquí.


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