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Late Abortion Clinics

In the US there are over two dozen reputable abortion providers that are considered late abortion clinics.

Late abortion (often referred as "late-term abortion") procedures that are PAST 20 weeks Last Menstrual Period ("LMP").

A late abortion clinic is less accessible than an early 1st trimester abortion clinic provider because a very small percentage of abortions are performed at this stage. Later abortion services are substantially more expensive due to greater physician skills, more visits, more time, and more medications and supplies necessary for the 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions. Some choose to not define later abortions until after fetal viability occurs which can only be determined on a case by case basis due to multiple variables that include fetal genetic defects or fetal abnormalities.

For additional information about LATE ABORTION.

Contact the following late abortion clinics to see which is best suited for your needs.

Late abortion clinics - Dr. Warren Hern late abortion clinic provider in Boulder, Colorado

All Women's Medical of New York abortion clinic

All Women's Health Centers abortion clinics in Florida - late abortion, abortion pill, surgical abortion

Michael Benjamin, MD Butterfly Program for late abortion services

Late abortion clinics in GA, MI, NV - Summit Medical Centers

Heritage Clinic for Women abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, MIAbortionClinics.Org - late abortion clinic in Bethesda, Maryland

Arizona Late Abortion Clinics

Phoenix - Camelback Family Planning (up to 22 weeks LMP) - 602-279-2337
Phoenix - Desert Star Family Planning (23 weeks LMP) - 480-447-8857
Phoenix - Family Planning Associates Medical Group - 602-553-0440 / 800-558-0440

Arkansas Late Abortion Clinics

Little Rock - Little Rock Family Planning Services (21.3 weeks LMP) - 501-225-3836

California Late Abortion Clinics

Beverly Hills - Josepha Seletz, MD / Pro-Choice Medical Center (24 weeks LMP) - 310-247-8745

Colorado Late Abortion Clinics

Boulder - Boulder Abortion Clinic (26+ weeks LMP) - 303-447-1361

Florida Late Abortion Clinics

Fort Lauderdale - Michael Benjamin, MD OB GYN (24 weeks LMP) - 954-720-7777
North Tampa - All Women's Health Center of North Tampa (up to 22 weeks LMP) - 813-257-9257
Orlando - All Women's Health Center of Orlando (up to 22 weeks LMP) - 407-269-8990

Georgia Late Abortion Clinics

Atlanta - Atlanta Women's Center (up to 22 weeks LMP) - 404-257-0057
Atlanta - Feminist Women’s Health Center (up to 21.6 weeks LMP) - 404-728-7900
Atlanta - Summit Medical Associates Atlanta (up to 20+ weeks LMP) - 404-607-0042

Maryland Late Abortion Clinics

Bethesda - AbortionClinics.org (up to 27.6 weeks LMP)

Michigan Late Abortion Clinics

Detroit - Summit Women’s Center Detroit (24 weeks LMP) - 313-272-8450
Grand Rapids - Heritage Clinic for Women (22 weeks LMP) - 616-458-3694

Nevada Late Abortion Clinics

Las Vegas - A to Z Women’s Center - 702-892-0660

New Jersey Late Abortion Clinics

Cherry Hill - Cherry Hill Women's Center (up to 25 weeks LMP) - 856-667-5910

New York Late Abortion Clinics

Kew Gardens - All Women's Medical of Queens (up to 24 weeks LMP) 718-395-7358
White Plains - All Women's Health & Medical Services (up to 24 weeks LMP) 914-257-7988

Pennsylvania Late Abortion Clinics

Bethlehem - Allentown Women’s Center (Up to 23 weeks LMP) - 484-821-0821
Philadelphia - Philadelphia Women's Center (up to 24 weeks LMP) - 215-574-3590

Wisconsin Late Abortion Clinics

Milwaukee - Affiliated Medical Services (22 weeks LMP) - 414-278-0424