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False Positive Pregnancy Test: Can it Happen?

Best Time For A Pregnancy Test After Intercourse

Best Time For A Pregnancy Test After Intercourse

It is essential to know when to take a pregnancy test after intercourse so that accurate results can be obtained, particularly in cases of considering abortion. There are guidelines below on when to do a pregnancy test and what to consider for accuracy.

Pregnancy Tests: The Basics

Pregnancy tests find Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone that is released after an egg has been implanted in the uterus. Home pregnancy tests may be readily available and give fast results, but they must be done right.

Best Time to Take a Pregnancy Test: Timing is Everything

After Intercourse:

Wait for Your Menstrual: The best time for testing pregnancy is after you fail to see your following monthly periods, usually around two weeks since you last had sex.

Early Detection Tests: Some tests claim they can determine whether a woman is pregnant a few days before missed menstruation, but this is generally not reliable. If tested too early, it might show negative results because, at this particular point, levels of hCG may not have reached those where it can be detected.

Ovulation and Fertilization:

Understanding Ovulation: This takes place when sexual intercourse happens during the ovulation phase, mostly 14 days before your next period should begin.

Fertilization and Implantation: After fertilization, implantation occurs about 6-10 days later, and the production of hCG hormone begins.

Factors Affecting Test Accuracy

Test Sensitivity:

Different Tests, Different Sensitivities: These home pregnancy tests differ in their sensitivity. The more sensitive ones can detect lower quantities of hCG for early detection.

Timing and Concentration:

Morning Urine: The more significant amounts of hCG hormones in urine first thing in the morning make it possible to collect the best samples.

Avoid Testing Too Early: It would also mean a false negative if you carried out this test immediately after having sex, so preferably, it is better to wait for at least a week after failing to get your next period.

Medical Considerations:

Consult a Healthcare Provider: If you have irregular menstruation or any other medical condition, your healthcare provider should give you the best advice on when to have a pregnancy test.

Confirming Results: A positive result on a home pregnancy test means you need further consultation with a healthcare provider to confirm and discuss the next steps.

Importance of Accurate Testing for Abortion

Accurate pregnancy test results are essential for those considering an abortion. Early recognition of pregnancy status provides more options and less invasive procedures. For safe administration, medical abortions depend on accurate gestational dating, commonly done up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.


Timing is everything when taking a pregnancy test, for it to be precise. Test it only after skipping a period, choose a sensitive one and do it in the morning as first urine will work best. For anyone contemplating an abortion, early detection, and reliable testing are crucially important. Always talk to your doctor about pregnancy options, before choosing anything or getting personalized medical advice.

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