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Stop Bullying Women Who Need Late Abortion Care

Stop Bullying Women Who Need Late Abortion Care. They are the Most Vulnerable and Needy.

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By Ann Rose
 at 6:22:44p EDT

Late Abortion Care: Boulder Abortion Clinic in Boulder, Colorado - Dr. Warren Hern fetal anomaly specialist

Later abortions are the ones that are most maligned by politicians and the media. In reality, they are the most tragic and most necessary.

After the assassination of late abortion provider Dr. George Tiller over 15 years ago,  the doctor that emerged as the leading worldwide specialist in late abortion care is Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado. He and George were close friends and colleagues, and George’s death struck Dr. Hern particularly hard. Dr. Hern had to pick up the mantle and ramp up access to his clinic in order to take care of the hundreds of women needing late abortion care.

This included beefed up security and staffing in order to meet the need and keep everyone safe. Now, with abortion being totally illegal in 15 states, and restricted in many others, the need for late abortion has dramatically increased. All these state restrictions lead to repeated delays and increase the likelihood that a woman will be further along in pregnancy when she gets to an abortion clinic.

Later abortions are needed usually because a woman with a wanted pregnancy finds out late in the pregnancy that she has a compromised fetus with conditions incompatible with life. These are women who have chosen a name for the baby, decorated the nursery, and had a baby shower to celebrate the impending life. Then, this tragic news hits and their world falls apart.

In most states where abortion is outlawed or severely restricted, this means doctors in her state can’t help. So she must go out of state, oftentimes thousands of miles away for care. This distressful situation costs her additional money in missing work, traveling, and hotels. Plus, the later abortions are extremely expensive and insurance won’t usually cover the costs.

Dr. Hern has recognized this need and created the Boulder Abortion Fund. 100% of all proceeds go toward this help. Nothing goes toward administrative or other costs.

The funds are dispersed by the Board only for costs directly associated with medical, travel, lodging, and food expenses of Boulder Abortion Clinic patients, not for any other foundation or clinic expenses, salaries, or overhead. The goal is to come as close as possible to a 100% financial pass through of funds to patient costs with a minimum of administrative expenses.

I know it’s election season and we are all freaked out about the possibilities. But this is a worthy cause that can make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable women.

Legal abortion is meaningless without access.

If you can help out, even modestly, please donate here: Boulder Abortion Fund.

Watch Dr. Hern in the upcoming abortion documentary, The Other Roe.

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