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2plusabortions Destigmatizes Multiple Abortions

2plusabortions Destigmatizes Multiple Abortions

About half of Americans who have abortions have had one previously. Abortion remains one of the most common and safest medical procedures, and a normal part of women’s reproductive health. Yet women who have had multiple abortions often feel alone, and may worry that they have failed or will face serious health consequences. The website 2plusabortions is an exceptional source of information for destigmatizing abortion, accessing quality information about multiple abortions, and using more sensitive language surrounding abortion. Abortion providers, recipients, friends, and family can all find useful information here. Here are three key facts you need to know about repeat abortions.

Multiple Abortions Are Not Dangerous

It is a myth that having multiple abortions will cause breast cancer, infertility, or other health issues. Post-abortion syndrome is a political myth, not a medical reality. 2plusabortions details the many ways abortion can benefit women’s health. The overwhelming evidence is that birth is exponentially more dangerous than abortion, no matter how many abortions a person has. That’s doubly true when a person is unexpectedly pregnant with a fetus they do not want or cannot care for.

Stigmatizing Language is Harmful

2plusabortions highlights that even the term “multiple abortions” is highly stigmatizing. We don’t talk about multiple pregnancies or miscarriages; that simple modifier is doing a lot of judgmental work. Some other tips the site offers for reducing stigma include:

  • Work to understand the complex situations that cause unintended pregnancies.
  • Instead of endeavoring to “reduce abortions,” work to reduce unintended pregnancies.
  • Do not add caveats to a pro-choice stance.
  • Assume that abortion is normal, healthy, and is an ethical decision.

Abortion Motivations Are Complex

2plusabortions reminds us that we cannot put an asterisk next to our pro-choice stance. Pro-choice means trusting that women and their doctors know more about their situation than random strangers, and that pregnant people make the best possible decisions about their own health. Check out Why People Have Abortions to learn more about why abortion is common, and how critical it is to women’s health.

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