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Houston Women’s Reproductive Services

Houston Women’s Reproductive Services – Member of NAF and ACN

  • Pre-abortion ultrasounds and referrals to obtain an abortion
  • Follow-up ultrasounds after an abortion
  • Part of a large network of quality abortion providers
  • Funding is available to pay for these services

Houston Women’s Reproductive Services abortion clinic in Houston, Texas

Houston Women’s Reproductive Services provides provides abortion referral services in a beautiful new office.

Houston Women's Reproductive - abortion pill clinic in Houston, TexasWomen of the gulf coast region deserve more choices about the delivery of care. We created something that’s different from clinics in the area. Our office is calm with a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We provide the abortion pill for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. No judgement, just honest answers. Our care staff is among the best in the country.

13201 Northwest Fwy, Suite 365
Houston, TX. 77040

About Us

We offer pre-abortion ultrasounds and referrals, with attention to your personal needs.  We also provide post abortion ultrasounds.  We have a pro-choice staff dedicated to high quality abortion care, specially trained and sensitive to your needs.

An Accurate Ultrasound Is Important

Many people have false positive pregnancy tests, miss their periods for reasons other than pregnancy, or are further along in the pregnancy than dates indicate or experience a miscarriage in early pregnancy. There is always the small chance of an ectopic (tubal pregnancy) which requires different treatment. We can provide referrals to other states where you can receive an abortion and they may require an ultrasound before scheduling.

What Do Patients Say About Us

I was so scared and confused about the new laws, but you all helped me figure it out.

The amazing team at Houston Women’s Reproductive was so unbelievably kind and helpful.

Just when I had about given up, a friend told me to call here for help. I am so glad she did. They connected me with trusted abortion providers. I even got the ultrasound paid for! Thank you so much!

I’m so glad I came here before making plans to go out of state because I ended up having a natural miscarriage. So I would have wasted time and money. The nurse was AMAZING. She explained everything to me & made me feel so well taken care of.

Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill is a more natural abortion option with a 96-98% effectiveness rate. It’s causing a miscarriage by taking medications. Some women prefer to undergo a miscarriage in the privacy of their home, which makes the Abortion Pill a great choice. You can decide who will be with you during the process.

If you’re less than 10 weeks of pregnancy, counting from the first day of your last menstrual period, you can take the Abortion Pill. This will be confirmed by an ultrasound examination.

BEWARE of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Please be aware that these clinics often portray themselves as medical clinics and even choose names that sound legitimate. They advertise aggressively under Abortion or Women’s Organizations or Pregnancy. When you call, they are very pushy about having you come in rather than giving you information over the phone. One of their tactics is to offer a free ultrasound and some even park a bus outside an abortion clinic. Once you go for the ultrasound, they give biased, inaccurate information about your pregnancy and abortion. For your own safety and protection, ask if they perform abortions. If they do not answer YES, they are probably not a legitimate provider. There are a number of these pregnancy counseling and testing centers run by anti-abortion groups. Remember, these clinics exist for one reason: to prevent women from choosing abortion. One of their tactics is making women wait for pregnancy test results while showing a film or giving literature to scare you.

Learn here about Fake Clinics – Crisis Pregnancy Centers 

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