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Fake Clinics (fake women’s health centers) that are anti-abortion organizations.

They claim to offer pregnancy-related health care and medical services, but fail to provide comprehensive, evidence-based medical care.

Fake Clinics use manipulative practices to ultimately shame young girls/women out of getting reproductive care – particularly birth control and abortion — fake clinics advertise deceptively.

Deceptive Advertising Techniques:

  • Opened up clinics next door to real Abortion Clinics
  • Run paid ads on Google and Bing using keywords “abortion” and “abortion clinics” for search results
  • Intentionally place paid ads under the Abortion Services headings of phone and Internet directories
  • Choose names that are similar to REAL abortion clinics to confuse young girls/women about what types of services they provide
  • Push inaccurate information about abortion on young girls/women


  • Pregnant women seeking healthcare DESERVE timely access and a full range of care options.
  • State Leaders have repeatedly attacked women’s health care, in particular, targeting access to safe and legal abortion.
    • One avenue of attack was their recent passage of a bill funding fake clinics with 4 million taxpayer dollars annually, despite their pervasive use of medically inaccurate information and their practice of intentionally misleading and shaming women.

To gain more insight on fake clinics watch:

What can I do?

  • Do Not Go to a Fake Clinic
  • Tell your friends and family members not to go
  • How to Detect a Fake Abortion Clinic
  • Call your State Department of Health and tell them to protect women from these harmful tactics

#RealClinics is an AbortionClinics.com campaign to highlight and call attention to real abortion clinics that offer abortion services. We want to help women find reputable abortion providers that will help them and serve them with the care and respect they deserve.

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