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Should I Have an Abortion?

Seeing two lines or a plus line on a pregnancy test can be terrifying if you’re not ready to have a baby. But what comes next? If you’re considering having an abortion, no one else can make the decision for you. Every person is unique; every family is different; every pregnancy poses different challenges. There are no absolutes here, and no decision that is right for everyone. If you’re considering having an abortion, here’s what you need to ask yourself.

No one else can decide whether abortion is the right choice for you. Instead, try asking yourself some questions to assess your options:

Should I have an abortion? Abortion Facts - Abortion Clinics Online

  • Can you envision yourself giving birth instead? What resources do you have to raise the baby?
  • What is the primary reason you want to have an abortion? Is there anything that might change this motivation?
  • Would you consider adoption? How would you feel giving up a baby you grew and birthed? What would you want from an adoptive family?
  • Is it safe for you to have this baby?
  • Does the baby have birth defects that are incompatible with life? Would birth cause more suffering for the baby?
  • Does the baby have such severe birth defects that they might suffer, or you might worry giving birth was the wrong choice?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • Can you afford to be pregnant, give birth, or take maternity leave?
  • What support is available to pregnant people where you live?

How Will I Feel After an Abortion?

After an abortion, most people recover quickly. Abortion is significantly safer than giving birth, and complications are very rare. Emotionally, it is also likely that you will feel good. The most common emotion women report after having an abortion is relief. Of course, not all women feel relieved. Especially if you abort a wanted baby because of terminal birth defects or a threat to your own life, you may grieve the abortion like you would a death. If you are worried about how you might feel after an abortion, now is the time to begin getting a support network together. If you find you need additional help, check out Exhale, a pro-choice abortion recovery site.

What if I Regret My Choice?

Life offers no guarantees against regrets. Most people make choices they regret at some point. Those related to pregnancy can be especially painful because many women are raised to tie their worth to motherhood. The good news is that almost no one regrets their abortion. One recent study found that, even 5 years following an abortion, 99 percent of women do not regret their abortion. Instead, they continued to report relief.

If you’re worried you might regret your abortion, here are some questions that can guide your decision:

  • Is there anything that could happen that might make me regret my abortion?
  • How will I feel if I am never able to have a child?
  • Will I feel differently about my choice if I later find out others judge me for my choice?
  • Are there people in my life with whom I can discuss my choice without judgment?

If you choose abortion, you deserve empathy, support, and a good experience. Begin your search for a quality abortion clinic here.



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