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Questions to Ask Your Abortion Clinic

Questions to Ask Your Abortion ClinicFinding a quality abortion clinic is critical if you hope to terminate a pregnancy. The faster you act, the safer, easier, and more affordable the procedure will be. That doesn’t mean you should rush into an appointment at the first clinic you find. Some crisis pregnancy centers masquerade as abortion clinics, wasting time and potentially exposing your personal information. And as with all medical services, some abortion clinics are better than others. Every woman has slightly different needs when she gets an abortion. Here are some questions you should ask to ensure the clinic you select can meet yours.

When Calling the Clinic

When you call to schedule an appointment or to ask about abortion options, be sure to ask:

  • Is there a waiting period in our state?
  • What do I have to do to comply with any state-level abortion restrictions?
  • Do you take insurance?
  • How much is the procedure?
  • How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
  • Can I bring someone with me?
  • What can I bring into the clinic with me?
  • Can I bring food or my phone?
  • What COVID safety protocols do you have in place?

Before the Procedure

When you arrive on the day of your procedures, you’ll get the chance to talk to clinic staff about the procedure. Don’t feel rushed; you’re entitled to ask whatever you need to feel comfortable. Some good starting points include:

  • What are my abortion options at this stage of pregnancy?
  • What is my individual risk of complications?
  • How long does the procedure take, and what are my anesthesia options?
  • Can someone come back with me?
  • Do I need someone to drive me home?
  • What complications should I look for?
  • What should I do to take care of myself after the procedure?

If you are having a late-term abortion for medical reasons, you may want to ask about the remains if you want to have a burial or cremation.

After the Procedure

After the abortion is over, it’s helpful to have a brief conversation with your provider. Try asking the following:

  • What number should I call if I have a question? What if there is an emergency after hours?
  • Were there any complications or other issues I should know about?
  • Was the procedure successful?

Lastly, questions to ask your abortion clinic if they are a member of National Abortion Federation (NAF)?



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