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Metropolitan Medical Associates

Metropolitan Medical Associates abortion clinic in Englewood, New Jersey

We take emergency contraception to the next level. Using methods like the Morning-after pill (Plan B) and methods like menstrual aspiration, experienced Gynecologists provide immediate solutions towards Planned Pregnancies.

Surgical procedures, including D&C and D&E, are performed in the facility’s state licensed operating rooms. The abortion pill (Mifeprex or RU486) is provided in our facility and no surgery is required.

Our Complication rate is much lower than the national standards.

Trust your care to the most experienced professionals, Metropolitan Medical Associates, in the state of NJ.Metropolitan Medical Associates - abortion clinic in Englewood, NJ

After making the decision to terminate your pregnancy, you must choose a facility. Depending on where you live, options may be numerous or in many cases, very few. Experienced, qualified abortion providers or hospitals providing this service have become scarce in the past few years as more restrictions are imposed.

It is a good idea to speak to your physician or a family planning counselor at Planned Parenthood for more information. They may be able to recommend an abortion facility known for its experience and quality care. Ask questions when you call a facility or physician’s office before making your appointment.

Prior to your arrival, you are entitled to know:

  • The cost of the procedure and if your insurance may be applied
  • The name of the physician and what his/her credentials are
  • The location of the nearest hospital and if the operating physician has privileges there
  • The types of anesthesia that the facility offers and how it is administered
  • What if any fees you will be charged if the procedure cannot be done for any reason

Having some information before your visit will hopefully help to relieve some of the anxiety and stress you may be experiencing.