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5 Tips for Remaining Calm on Day of Abortion

Your anxiety is normal, but it is not rooted in reality. So we have created 5 tips for remaining calm on day of  abortion.

You’ve decided to have an abortion, and you know this is the right choice for you. But as you prepare for your day at the abortion clinic, you just can’t shake your anxiety. Don’t worry. You’re normal. An abortion is a medical procedure, and most people get anxious about medical treatment. Moreover, the far right has devoted so much time to demonizing abortion, that it’s easy to feel worried about such a stigmatized procedure.

Tips for Remaining Calm on Day of Abortion

Know That Abortion is Safe

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures you can undergo–comparable to getting a cavity filled. Don’t believe the hype from the far right. Abortion doesn’t cause breast cancer or infertility, and your odds of dying from an abortion are lower than your odds of being struck by lightning. And abortion is, always and everywhere, safer than pregnancy.

Develop a Self-Care Plan

People giving birth often make birth plans. You deserve an abortion plan that honors your emotional and physical needs. Devise a self-care plan that allows you to relax, heal, and reach out to loved ones after the procedure. This is a powerful opportunity to collect your thoughts and come to terms with your emotions about the procedure.

Reframe Your Abortion

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about the nitty-gritty details of the abortion. Try refocusing on the big picture. Reframe your abortion as an empowering act that gives you control over your own fate. Some people find it helpful to think of their abortion as an act of love.

Take a Support Person

Having a support person with you can make the procedure feel less overwhelming, and will ensure you have someone to drive you home at the end of the day. Just make sure it’s not someone who is ambivalent about abortion, or they might guilt you–even unintentionally.

Share Your Anxiety

A quality abortion clinic has counselors on hand to help you talk through your anxiety and ask any questions. Do not accept being rushed. Sharing your feelings is one of the best ways to regain a sense of control over them.

The right abortion clinic will care about your anxiety, and do everything possible to help mitigate it. Learn more about how to choose a safe abortion clinic.




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