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Can Someone Go With Me to My Abortion?

No matter how you feel about your abortion, having someone go with you to the abortion clinic can make the experience less stressful and ensure you get the support you deserve. In most cases, someone can go with you to your abortion, and in many cases, a clinic may actually require that you have someone there to drive you home.

Can someone go with me to the abortion clinic?

Can Someone Go With Me to My Abortion? Abortion FactsIn normal times, someone can always go with you to the abortion clinic, as long as they are not disruptive and follow the rules of the clinic. They might be required to sign in, or to provide additional contact information. But otherwise, they’ll be able to sit and wait with you. Most abortion clinics do not allow children.

Even if you feel good about your abortion, consider taking someone with you. You might be waiting all day, and having someone there to take your mind off of things can make everything feel easier.

During the COVID pandemic, you might encounter restrictions on supporting people. With many support people present, abortion clinic waiting rooms can get crowded. For this reason, some abortion clinics now ask a support person to wait outside, or only allow support people into the clinic in certain situations, such as if a person is having a termination for fetal defects. Call ahead to ask about a clinic’s policies and determine whether those policies work for your unique needs.

Can someone go with me into the procedure room?

That depends on the clinic. A lot of clinics limit visitors in the procedure room because there are close quarters and there may be other patients nearby. That’s not the case with all clinics, though. Many clinics make exceptions to the rule of you have a history of trauma, or are having an abortion for fetal defects or a medical reason. So it’s important to call around, and to be very clear about your needs. You’re always allowed to ask for a deviation from policy, and to keep shopping until you find the right abortion clinic. While abortion is extraordinarily safe, your sense of emotional safety is important, too.

Do I need someone to drive me home?

If you have a surgical abortion, you will probably need someone to drive you home. If you have any kind of anesthesia, you will definitely need someone to drive you. This is because anesthesia can affect your judgment, and make driving unsafe. Reputable abortion clinics may require that you give them the name and contact information of your driver, so that they can verify you have someone to safely drive you home.

To learn more about abortion visit Abortion Facts. For help finding a safe abortion clinic in your state, click here.

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