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Femi-Care Surgery Center

Femi-Care Surgery Center – Member of NAF

  • Abortion Pill up to 10 weeks
  • Procedure Abortion up to 14 weeks
  • Financial Assistance / Most Insurance Accepted

Femi-Care Surgery Center abortion clinic in Lutherville, Maryland

Femi-Care Surgery Center abortion clinic in the Baltimore, Maryland area devoted to providing confidential and compassionate women’s health care and abortion services.

We realize that some of you have had to make some difficult decisions that led you to our office, and for others you are seeking the same professional services that you have experienced at Femi-Care Surgery Center in the past.

Femi-Care Surgery Center (FCSC) is devoted to providing confidential women’s care with compassion.

Our staff is dedicated to making our patients as comfortable as possible. We realize that you have had to make some difficult decisions that led you to our office.

Our location is in a PRIVATE office setting. We are one of the very few state approved surgery centers that offers sleep anesthesia. We are also nationally approved by American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (“AAAASF”) and State of Maryland credentialed.

Unlike other clinics, we also offer gynecological services. Our surgery center is run by a board certified physician and by physicians with extensive experience. Our facility is proud to offer personable, unbiased approach to our patients. Our staff also consists of CRNAs, RNs, and Medical Assistants, all of which provide you the best possible service we can.

We work with two abortion funds – DC Abortion Funds and Baltimore Abortion Funds. Helping individuals in Baltimore, MD who need abortion care but cannot afford the full cost of an abortion procedure.


Femi-Care Surgery Center - abortion clinic in Owings Mills, MarylandRU486 / Abortion Pill (Methotrexate/Misoprostol)

The biggest advantage with the medical abortion is no surgery is required and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

This method can only be used for early pregnancies up to 10 weeks. The effectiveness is approximately 95% and approximately 85% from 7 to 10 weeks.
The Methotrexate regimen can be done before the pregnancy is visible by sonogram. With the Mifepristone regimen, you will come to the office and consult with the doctor, sonogram and all other necessary labs, etc. will be performed. Mifepristone, taken orally, blocks the action of progesterone, causing the uterine lining to thin and the pregnancy to detach. This will be taken in the office on your first visit.

You will be given a second set of pills called Misoprostil to take home with you. You are to take this after 8 hours on that night; we recommend taking the pain medication as recommended by the doctor. Cramping may be moderate to severe which is managed by pain medication recommended by the doctor.

The Misoprostil induces uterine contractions, helps soften the cervix and increases the effectiveness of Mifepristone to 95-98%.

  • Anesthesia is not required
  • Method is FDA approved for terminating early pregnancies
  • Disadvantages of a medical abortion:
  •     Not being monitored by our medical staff
  •     Sometimes it can take days to complete
  •     Requires at least 2 visits
  •     Post procedure bleeding may last longer than the surgical method

It is very important to weigh your options and decide which method you are more comfortable with. If you are undecided you can always make the appointment and decide once you speak with the physician.

Save time and complete Patient Forms in advance.

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