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Internet Terminology

For anyone new to the internet, or not unsure what an internet terminology means see the below for a brief description.

A marker used to make it easy to return to a favorite page on the internet. Instead of typing in the address for the page, you simply click on the bookmark to load the page.

Online Chat
It’s a real-time conversation with another person or group of persons over the internet. You can find chat groups on almost every topic. Online services such as Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, and Skype all offer online chat.

An electronic message, usually a public one, that is offensive, argumentative, or insulting. If you are the subject of these messages, you have been flamed.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
It’s an internet technology for transferring files from one computer to another, or onto a server. It’s one way to download, or copy, files and programs from the Internet.

The number of times a website page is viewed by someone. Hits can be monitored by visitor counters which actually keep a numerical count of the number of viewers.

Home Page
A text and/or graphical document that a company or individual places on the Internet. See Web Page.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
It’s the computer language used to create the text and graphics of a page on the World Wide Web.

Hyper link
A forwarding message on a Web Page that automatically directs the viewer to another page on that Web Site or to another Web Page or Site.

Internet Access
Having a computer, modem, software and an access provider to allow you to view information on the World Wide Web and to send E-Mail. America Online provides “Internet Access”.

Internet Presence
Having a graphical document about your company or yourself posted on the Internet for people who have Internet Access to view. Abortion Clinics OnLine provides “Internet Presence”.

Mailing List
A moderated discussion group where the comments are distributed by E-Mail. Or, instead of posting a message, you send E-Mail that is automatically distributed to the group. Responses from group members are automatically sent to you and all other members of the group.

That’s the person who is responsible for administering mail problems and answering questions for a given E-Mail site.

Messages that are posted in numerous places, or high-volume unsolicited E-Mail, usually with an advertising message.

Web Page
A “page” of information and or graphics on the Internet, not equivalent to an 8-1/2 X 11″ inch typewritten page. A Web Page can be many typewritten pages and may include several graphics/images.

A collection of web pages relating to a specific topic, company, or person.


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