Abortion Clinics Near Me

Abortion Clinics Online advertise reputable abortion clinics with display ads.

ACOL offers abortion clinic advertisers the opportunity to ENHANCE their STATE listings with the use of Display Ads and BOLD listings.

Abortion clinics know that the internet works for them. It targets their market specifically on a greater scale. Abortion clinics report that their cost per patient  from their internet is 10 times better than their cost per patient with the Yellow Pages/Dex.

Abortion clinics report that approximately 50% of their patients can be linked to Abortion Clinics Online. This number continues to increase as the younger generation is 100% dependent on the internet for fact-finding information.

The major reason an ACOL listing is so valuable is ACOL’s Search Engine “FindAbility”.

We urge you to check for yourself. Go into some of the more popular search engines  (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) enter the keyword “abortion” or keyphrases “abortion clinic”, “abortion (your state or city name)”. What you will find is that ACOL or an ACOL clinic comes up on the FIRST PAGE almost every time. And of course when they see an ACOL link, they use it because of it’s ease, comprehensiveness and current relevant content.

One of the other major benefits of having an ACOL listing and Display Ad is that ACOL is a current source of reputable abortion clinics and providers for patients seeking services in a city, or state for personal or legal reasons and not having access to a Yellow Page’s directory for that city or state.

International patients from Mexico, South America and literally all over the world also use ACOL regularly to find abortion clinics in the United States.

We know that ACOL works.

Display Ads are available on the State and the Category pages. This is an additional option and is only available to clinics who have a paid State listing.

Display Ad Sizes: (72 DPI)
648 x 72 pixels | 1″ x 9″
648 x 144 pixels | 2″ x 9″
648 x 216 pixels | 3″ x 9″

Submitted Artwork Formats:

ACOL’s design team will design a display ad for you, if you prefer. Please provide us with your logo, basic text and color choices.

Display Ad Fees (verify fees with your ACOL Sales Rep)

Size Year 6 months Includes
1″ $1,000 $600 1 Bold Listing
2″ $2,000 $1,200 2 Bold Listings
3″ $3,000 $1,800 3 Bold Listings

Note: Each display ad includes one bold listing upgrade in the State Section.

Option: Bold listing upgrades without a display ad — $300/year each


1. You can buy Display Ads in states other than your own state.

2. Ads are on a First Come First Served Basis and clinics must be current on their ACOL listing payments

3. Priority will be given to the bigger Ads for placement. 3″ top position, 2″ next level, 1″ lower level

4. You may indicate which place you desire, however they will be assigned in the order in which payment in full is received. For this reason, we suggest you expedite your payment to insure placement.

5. Clients obtaining Display Ads will have first right of refusal to continue ads when ad expires.


Contact the following:

Yvonne Morris, Sales / Web Design / SEO & Hosting

Ann Rose
President / Founder
ClinicPages LLC

If you are looking for a clinic or doctor’s office go to specific ACOL state page.


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