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Self-Managed Abortion: What You Need to Know

With news that the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe v. Wade and throw abortion rights out the window, women are left scrambling in the face of an uncertain future. Many have warned about the return to back alley abortions. The science is clear: anti-choice laws do not reduce abortion, but they do kill women. But pregnant people are resourceful, and do not have to return to the coat hangers of the past. Self-managed abortion is an option to consider–and to plan for now, even if you’re not pregnant. 

What is Self-Managed Abortion? 

Self-managed abortion is abortion with the abortion pill. You can now access the abortion pill via a telemedicine appointment, which allows you to talk to a doctor on the phone, fill a prescription at a local pharmacy, then manage your own medication abortion at home.

Importantly, medication abortion is safe only for first trimester abortions, and likely to be catastrophic for late second trimester abortions. So the earlier you can access the pill, the safer abortion will be. 

Why You Need to Plan Now 

You don’t have to prove you’re pregnant to get the abortion pill. And if you or someone you love becomes pregnant, the uncertain future of abortion may mean the pill is out of reach. Having access to a few abortion pills right now could mean the ability to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy–or to protect your child, your sister, your best friend. 

Where to Get the Abortion Pill

Aid Access offers an online abortion pill consultation. Your local OB may also provide telemedicine services. You will have to say you are pregnant, but the cost of a white lie versus saving your own life or the life of someone you love is small. 

When the law is unjust, we must fight back with mutual aid and self-care. Telemedicine abortion is one option. 

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