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I'm scared to get an abortion. Help!

I’m Scared to Get an Abortion. Help!

Ending a pregnancy via abortion is a normal and typical part of life, with one in four women having an abortion by the time they are in their forties. Yet years of right wing scare tactics have convinced an entire generation of women that abortion is dangerous and scary. To the contrary, abortion can save your life, and the most common emotion women report after abortion is relief. But what if you need an abortion and you’re feeling scared?

Here are five common scenarios, and how to deal with them. 

I’m scared abortion will kill me 

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures you can undergo. It’s also many times safer than pregnancy. Even if you’re in poor health or have other risk factors, your odds of suffering a serious abortion complication or dying having an abortion are statistically nearly zero. Learn more about why abortion is safe

I’m worried abortion is a sin 

The loudest religious voices have been those that condemn all abortions. But there are many religious perspectives on abortion–including the belief that abortion is not just sinful, but a moral good. In some faith traditions, a person who cannot care for their baby, who will die giving birth, or whose baby will suffer has a moral obligation to have an abortion. Check out Trust Women for a religious argument in favor of abortion

I’m afraid abortion will hurt 

Abortion doesn’t have to hurt. If you’re worried about pain, you can be completely unconscious during your abortion. Pain medication after the procedure will minimize cramping. Even if you’re awake, though, abortion is a short procedure and most people compare it to period cramps. People with a high sensitivity to pain, a history or obstetric trauma, or other concerns about pain should discuss these concerns with the clinic and ask about the best strategy for minimizing and managing pain. An abortion doula has been shown to ease pain and anxiety during and after the procedure. 

I’m worried I’ll regret my abortion 

There’s a very wide range of human experiences, which means that some people will in fact regret their abortion–especially if they have an abortion they don’t want, or experience poor support during or after the procedure. These situations are rare. The odds of regretting an abortion are very low, and most people who have abortions report feeling grateful and relieved. If you’re concerned about regret, consider talking to a counselor about your options. Know that there is no single right choice–only the right choice for you. 

This article may help guide your decision whether or not to have an abortion. 

I’m scared of long-term abortion effects

There are no long-term negative health effects of having an abortion. Researchers have, however, shown that people who choose abortion for an unwanted pregnancy may have better long-term health, including a lower risk of addiction and other mental health diagnoses. Abortion does not cause breast cancer or infertility. It will not affect a future pregnancy. In fact, in most cases, even a doctor cannot tell if you’ve had an abortion

You deserve quality, compassionate care–not right-wing lies and scare tactics. Find a compassionate, safe abortion clinic here. Don’t be scared to get an abortion. We can help.

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