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How to Have a Good Abortion

How to Have a Good Abortion

In all the public furor over restrictions and choice politics, it’s easy to forget a key insight: abortion is a normal medical procedure that a quarter of women will undergo. And like other medical procedures, it can be freeing or frightening, traumatic or empowering. Pregnant people have made birth plans to assert their wishes and ensure a good birth. The right abortion plan can ensure your abortion experience is positive and safe. Here are five ways to have a good abortion. 

Plan Ahead and Schedule Early 

Early abortions are safer, easier, and more affordable. Very early in gestation, you can take the abortion pill, and sometimes even get it through the mail. If you’re considering terminating a pregnancy, call a clinic and make an appointment as soon as you can. You can always cancel your appointment, but getting it on the books helps you meet any state-required waiting periods and ensures you don’t have to wait weeks when you’re ready for the procedure. 

Choose a Real Abortion Clinic

Fake clinics traffic in fear. They tell people seeking abortions that they are dangerous, or they lie and tell you you’re not pregnant, in the hopes that by the time you seek care elsewhere, you’ll be too far along to get an affordable first trimester procedures. These clinics list their services in Google, pretending to be medical providers and promising abortions. And because they don’t provide clinical services, they’re not covered by HIPAA. That means they have no obligation to protect your privacy. In some cases, they may even sell your information to anti-choice zealots. 

A good abortion begins with finding a real abortion clinic. Find your clinic here

Ask Some Screening Questions

Not every clinic is a good fit for every patient. Just as you would carefully choose a midwife, OB, or primary care provider, you must also choose the abortion clinic that is the best fit for your needs. This list of screening questions to ask an abortion clinic can help you ensure you’re ready, and assess the type of care you’ll get. 

Practice Good Self-Care 

Studies overwhelmingly show that abortion-seekers do not regret having one, and that the most common emotion is relief. Nevertheless, any medical procedure can be exhausting, and the fight surrounding reproductive rights can make you wonder whether you’re allowed to feel positively about your abortion. Good self-care is critical before and after your procedure. Here are some tips to care for yourself after abortion.

Advocate for Yourself 

Clinics are accustomed to advocating for their patients. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to advocate for yourself. It’s important to go into your appointment knowing what’s important to you, and what you need to feel good. Ask for that, and if you aren’t getting it, ask to talk to someone else. 

Everyone who seeks to terminate an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy deserves a good abortion.

Induced Abortion in the United States – fact sheet by Guttmacher Institute

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