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Telehealth Abortion: How to Get the Abortion Pill Online

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Think you have to fight through a sea of protesters at a clinic to get an abortion? Think again. Abortion remains one of the safest medical procedures you can get, and research now shows that telehealth abortion is safe, too. Despite far-right attempts to restrict the procedure, it is possible to get a telehealth abortion for at least the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to know to help you find one.

What is a Telehealth Abortion?

The abortion pill is a safe option for inducing an abortion via miscarriage, up until about 10 weeks. For years, many states required a person to go to the doctor’s office and take the pill in person, even though there is no medical reason to do so. Now, patients can see a doctor virtually, get a prescription for the abortion pill, pick it up at their local pharmacy, and take it at home.

Not only is this safer during COVID; it also offers several other health benefits, including:

  • The chance to dictate the terms of your own abortion by choosing the support people oyu want present.
  • Total privacy, and an abortion free of protesters.
  • No waiting time, and no need to sit anxiously in a waiting room.
  • The chance to get virtual support if you need additional information.

Where to Find a Telehealth Abortion

The abortion pills safety record is superior to that of many commonly used prescription drugs, including penicillin. This means that states that have tried to restrict the pill, or limit telehealth abortions, have mostly failed to successfully do so.

We now list Telemedicine abortion providers on our directory — with more to come in the next six months.

Planned Parenthood locations in most states are now offering telehealth abortions. You can also contact your local abortion clinic and ask about telehealth options. If telehealth abortion is not available in your area, you can often still get a virtual abortion from a provider in another state, so spend some time calling around.

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