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Senate Bill 9 - no abortions past 6 weeks in Texas

Senate Bill 8 became law in Texas

URGENT NOTICE: Abortion is still legal and available in Texas up to 5 weeks 6 days.

Effective Sept 1, 2021 “Senate Bill 8” became law. This means that clinics in Texas can not provide abortion services to anyone 6 weeks or more from their last menstrual period.

Please contact individual clinics in Texas to learn more about this outrageous law and your options.

Search for abortion clinics (abortioncinics.com) in surrounding states for additional help.

If you want to complain or voice your opinion about this law contact: Governor Abbott www.gov.texas.gov online opinion 1-800-843-5789 or 512-463-2000

For the latest on the status of this law go to: Center for Reproductive Rights (reproductiverights.org)


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