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What are the most common complications of abortion?

Abortion complications, even minor ones, are rare. As the maternal mortality crisis in the United States accelerates, giving birth continues to be exponentially more dangerous than having an abortion. Yet many people have heard right-wing propaganda about abortions causing breast cancer, infertility, and even death. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures you can have, and abortion clinics are well-equipped to manage most complications. So what are the most likely complications of abortion?

Don’t Believe the Propaganda. Abortion is Safe.

Between one and two percent of abortions produce some type of complication. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these complications are rare, requiring only follow-up treatment, not hospitalization or surgery. The abortion death rate is 0.0006%, roughly comparable to the mortality rate of minor dental surgery. That figure is misleading though, dating back to 2012. In more recent studies of abortion, not a single person has died, even in very large samples.

Most Common Abortion Complications

So what are the most common abortion complications? They include:

  • Excessive bleeding during or after surgery. Doctors can usually treat this with pitocin or a similar medicine. Even when bleeding is severe, it is treatable as long as you seek prompt care.
  • Infection. A uterine infection is rare, but can be dangerous. Call your doctor if you have a fever, a foul smell coming from the vagina, or intense pain.
  • Retained placenta or other products of conception. Sometimes the abortion is not complete. When this happens, a doctor may prescribe an abortion pill or recommend another surgery.

These complications, though the most common, remain extremely rare. Most people who have an abortion have no issues at all, aside from some temporary cramping.

Choosing a Safe Abortion Clinic

Choosing the right abortion can help lower the risk of suffering serious abortion complications. Skilled doctors know how to assess and mitigate risk, and can compassionately discuss your concerns with you. Click here for tips that can help you find a great abortion clinic in your city.



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