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NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson: Dr. Warren Hern

Protests continue across America over abortion rights.

Fast forward to 7:45 to listen to NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson: Dr. Warren Hern, Boulder Abortion Clinic provider expresses his concerns over the draft opinion on Roe v. Wade that is dividing America.

Dr. Hern has been providing abortion services for 50+ years. After he gave a 17 year old an abortion he stated, “it gave him a new definition of compassion and love”.

May 4th, 2022

Watch video below. Fast forward to 7:45.

Dr. Warren Hern is a late abortion specialists. For over 40 years, Boulder Abortion Clinic has provided women from across the country with the highest quality abortion services. Their purpose is to provide the safest possible abortion care and terminations of pregnancies for fetal anomalies or other indications. Abortion care is always provided in a confidential, comfortable, and dignified outpatient setting for our patients.

They know this is a difficult decision for many women and families, and that it can be a stressful time for you. They will provide you with the help you need to come to the best choice for you. If you decide to have an abortion, their first concern is for your safety and well-being.

Call the Boulder Abortion Clinic today!

Boulder Abortion Clinic - Specializing in Late Abortions. Dr. Warren Hern is an abortion specialists in fetal indication and anomalies.

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