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Morristown – Garden State Gynecology Morristown 973-525-1400/ 800-746-0148

Offering surgical abortion, non-surgical abortion (ru486), gyn services.

Garden State Gynecology, Morristown abortion clinics is rated highest amongst abortion clinics in NJ & NY, provides pregnancy termination procedures through 14 weeks of pregnancy. Our central and northern NJ and NY facilities are equipped to provide all of the preliminary testing and counseling services.

Prior to your procedure you will have the ability to meet with a counselor to discuss your decision and options. Additionally, she will explain the procedure as well as your follow up treatment. Along with our counseling services all patients will also have a sonogram performed and provide small samples for blood and urine testing.

  • Our fees are all inclusive. There will be no additional fees for preliminary testing or counseling services, excluding outside laboratory services.
  • All physicians (OB/GYNs and Anesthesiologists) at Garden State Gynecology are Board Certified in their respective fields.
  • Garden State Gynecology is accredited by the AAAASF for general anesthesia, deep sedation (“asleep”) and conscious sedation (“twilight”).

In order to obtain the coveted AAAASF accreditation Garden State Gynecology requires that all physicians meet rigorous criteria in order obtain privileges to work at the facility. This includes demonstrating years of experience and superior clinical skills specifically in the field of surgical abortions.

In addition all of our medical staff including registered nurses, ultrasound technicians, phlebotomists, counselors, medical assistants, and all ancillary staff meet the highest level of training before working at the facility.

  • All patients who seeking painless surgical abortion services with anesthesia have two expert physicians (at least one Gynecologist and one Anesthesiologist) devoted solely to the patient to ensure that the procedure is done in a safe, compassionate, and efficient manner.
  • All of the medical staff at Garden State Gynecology share a common goal of providing safe, compassionate, and confidential care.
  • Garden State Gynecology has three convenient locations available in Morristown and Princeton, New Jersey, and Staten Island, New York to serve your abortion care needs.
  • Rated TOP facility providing painless abortion services in New Jersey.
Garden State Gynecology - abortion clinic in New Jersey

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