Abortion Clinics Near Me

Are you looking for a reliable abortion clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada?

If you are — look no further. Below we list two reliable Las Vegas abortion clinics.

A-Z Women’s Center abortion clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada

A-Z Women’s Center – Member of NAF and ACN

  • Abortion Pill up to 9.6 weeks
  • Procedure Abortions up to 18.6 weeks
  • Late Abortion for Fetal Indications
  • Local, IV or Nitrous Oxide Sedation

1670 East Flamingo Rd, Ste. C
Las Vegas, NV 89119
702-892-0660 local

Birth Control Care Center abortion clinic in Las Vegas, NV

Birth Control Care Center – Member of NAF

  • Abortion Pill up to 10 weeks
  • Procedure Abortions up to 24 weeks
  • Late Abortion for Fetal Indication
  • Local or Full Sedation

872 East Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Abortion-Care Policies

Abortion Providers

Abortion Providers: Restrictions

Nevada imposes extra restrictions on abortion providers, despite the fact that all health-care providers already must comply with a variety of federal and state regulations governing health, safety, building and fire codes, and zoning requirements.

Restrictions on Where Abortion Services May Be Provided

Nevada places medically unnecessary restrictions on where abortion services may be performed.

Among the most common TRAP regulations are those restricting the provision of abortion services to hospitals or other specialized facilities, which require doctors to obtain medically unnecessary additional licenses, needlessly convert their practices to mini-hospitals at great expense, or provide abortion services only in hospitals, an impossibility in many parts of the country.

Nevada requires that an abortion provided either after the 24th week, or if there is a reasonable likelihood of the fetus surviving outside the woman’s body by natural or artificial support systems, must be provided in a licensed hospital. This requirement is despite the fact that doctors can provide such care safely in other properly equipped health facilities. Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 442.250.2 (Enacted 1973; Last Amended 1985).

Restrictions on Who May Provide Abortion Services

Nevada prohibits certain qualified health-care professionals from providing abortion services.

Only a physician licensed to practice in the state or employed by the U.S. government using accepted medical practices and procedures may provide abortion care. Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 442.250 (Enacted 1973; Last Amended 1985).




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