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West Alabama Women’s Center

West Alabama Women’s Center – Member of NAF and ACN

  • Abortion Pill up to 10 weeks
  • Procedure Abortion up to 14 weeks
  • Financial Assistance

West Alabama Women’s Center abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Abortion is Still Legal in Alabama and We are Here to Help

West Alabam Women's Center abortion clinic in Alabama

West Alabama Women’s Center abortion clinic in Alabama

The West Alabama Women’s Center Inc. is a reproductive health and abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa. We provide professional services in abortion, pregnancy testing and sexually transmitted disease testing. We maintain the highest standard of professionalism and confidentiality. Our friendly staff is not only knowledgeable but also caring and considerate to your needs. We can provide you with expert advice on any reproductive health issues and encourage you to contact us with your questions.

Abortion types

You may have different abortion options available to you depending on the time you have been pregnant. If you are less than 10 weeks gestation, you can choose between medication and an in-clinic procedure.

Medication abortion:

A medication abortion is actually two medications. The 1st medication administered is Mifeprex (abortion pill), which will be provided to you to ingest while you are at the clinic. It blocks progesterone, causing the embryo to stop developing in the uterus. The 2nd drug is misoprostol or cytotec, which comes as four pills that you place between your cheek and gum. The misoprostol causes the uterus to contract and empty, ending the pregnancy. The misoprostol can be taken later in the privacy of your own home or another safe space. This process can fall into a range of experiences from a heavy period to something not much different from labor. Many patients who choose medication do so because of the privacy, autonomy and less invasive nature of the process. Others prefer an in clinic procedure because of its simplicity and speed. Only you know what process is the best for you and your situation.

In-clinic procedure:

In all in-clinic procedures the process will begin with a gradual dilation of the cervix with a series of small rods in order to allow the doctor to insert the tools necessary to remove the embryo or fetus. Despite the common phrase “surgical abortion,” there is actually no cutting, incisions or stitches involved in a procedural abortion. In most abortions a small tube will be inserted and light vacuum will be used to remove the pregnancy matter including fetus or embryo and uterine lining. A curette (a small metal rod with a loop on one end) will then be inserted to ensure all of the lining has been removed from the uterus to prevent any retained tissue and minimize any risk of infection. Should the pregnancy be more advanced (past the first trimester) a small pair of forceps will be used to remove the fetus prior to curettage.

Abortion Funding

Frequently patients who experience an unplanned pregnancy and want an abortion are unable to immediately find the additional money for an unexpected medical procedure. We understand that abortion is a time sensitive issue and that as patients advance in gestational age the costs can begin to increase starting at the second trimester. If you need financial assistance for paying for your procedure, or for the additional expenses that can come from needing to travel to an abortion clinic for care (gas, hotel expenses, etc.), know that there are organizations that can help. Let the clinic know and they will be able to assist you in the process.

Judicial Bypass

Alabama law requires that if you are a minor (17 years old or younger) and have never been married, you must have written consent of one of your natural parents or a legal guardian in order to get an abortion in this state, even if you do not live with them. If you cannot or do not want to get consent from a parent or guardian, you can go to court and ask for a judge to approve the abortion.

During the parental consent waiver process, you have the right to file a petition in your county of residence or in the county where the abortion will be performed. Judicial waivers cannot be obtained for patients out of state. You have the right to a speedy process and a lawyer will be provided at no cost to you. You should expect answers to your questions and help filling out your forms. Above all, you should expect complete confidentiality from the court.

The court shall grant your petition for waiver of the parental consent requirement if it determines that you are mature and well informed enough to intelligently decide to have an abortion without the consent of a parent or guardian and that it is in your best interest to have an abortion.

While it is often easier to go to court in your home county, sometimes juvenile judges in large counties with a family court will be more familiar with the process. You may also have personal reasons for wanting to go outside your county for judicial consent. Call the courthouse and find out where to go to file a petition to waive parental consent for an abortion. Your local courthouse should be able to give you the phone number of courthouses in other counties. We recommend you receive your pre-abortion counseling at the clinic prior to filing a judicial waiver. This counseling session will prepare you to answer questions the judge may ask you as well as begin the mandatory waiting period process. Always contact West Alabama Women’s Center immediately after finding out your results.

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