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Equality Health Center

  • City: Concord
  • Street: 38 S Main Street
  • State: NH
  • Zip Code: 03301
  • Website: http://equalityhc.org/
  • Phone: 603-225-2739
  • Location:

Equality Health Center abortion clinic in Concord, New Hampshire

Equality Health Center is a non-profit healthcare facility serving  women, men, and gender non-conforming individuals throughout New England. We have been providing individualized, quality, compassionate care with respect since 1974. We are New Hampshire’s longest standing abortion provider.

Over the 4 decades since we opened, our services expanded to include a wider range of reproductive health care. We also expanded the clients we serve to all people who need reproductive health care. In order to better reflect the organization’s broader healthcare commitment and give the public better insight to the recent expansion of services to men and the LGBTQ community, it was important to find a name that was inclusive and one that all of our patients would resonate with. In 2016, we proudly changed our name to Equality Health Center.Equality Health Center - abortion clinic in Concord, NH

Our goal is continue to provide the highest quality of treatment to our community far into the future and ensure that those who turn to us for care leave feeling accepted, empowered, and dignified.

Equality Health Center offers the Highest Quality and Affordable Abortion Care available. We also offer more pain management options, at no additional cost, than any other New Hampshire clinic.

We provide surgical abortions up to 15.6 weeks into a pregnancy, as measured from the first day of the last normal period and confirmed by ultrasound. Medical abortion is available to those who are up to nine weeks into their pregnancies.

All women of reproductive age are faced with decisions regarding whether or when to bear a child. We trust each person to make the choice that is best for them and their unique situation. Our role is to be supportive, respectful and caring.

Since January 1, 2012, if you are 17 years old or younger at the time of your abortion appointment, the New Hampshire Parental Notification Law applies to you. Even if you live in another state, whether or not your home state has such a law, you must comply with the New Hampshire Law. This law requires that one parent or legal guardian, chosen by you, be notified that you are choosing to have an abortion. They do not have to agree with your decision but they have to be notified of your intent.  If you don’t think you can tell them, you have the option to go to court and ask a judge to excuse you from this requirement.