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What is the Abortion Pill?

Medication abortion — also called the abortion pill — is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy.

For people who are early in pregnancy, usually below 10 to 11 weeks, you may be offered a choice of medication abortion or an aspiration abortion procedure.

“Abortion pill” is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol. You will take one pill called Mifepristone to begin the abortion process and then a second dose of pills called Misoprostol one to two days later at home.

After taking the second set of pills, most people experience heavy bleeding and cramping, and pass the pregnancy over the next few hours. The experience is like a miscarriage.

The abortion clinic will check to make sure that the pregnancy has passed completely over the next week to two weeks, either with an ultrasound, blood test, or other type of follow-up.

You can start birth control immediately after taking the second dose of pills and will be protected the next time you have sex. For a medication abortion, more than 95% of people have a successful abortion without the need for any more treatment.

Some people prefer medication abortion because it is private, they can be at home, and they don’t have to have a procedure. The abortion pills work to end the pregnancy over 98% of the time. Around 2% of people will still need a uterine aspiration after using the pills if their pregnancy doesn’t end or if they have heavy bleeding.

When can I take the abortion pill?

You usually can get a medication abortion up to 77 days (11 weeks) after the first day of your last period. If it has been 78 days or more since the first day of your last period, you can have an in-clinic abortion to end your pregnancy.

Why do people choose the abortion pill?

Which kind of abortion you choose all depends on your personal preference and situation. With medication abortion, some people like that you don’t need to have a procedure in a doctor’s office. You can have your medication abortion at home or in another comfortable place that you choose. You get to decide who you want to be with during your abortion, or you can go it alone. Because medication abortion is similar to a miscarriage, many people feel like it’s more “natural” and less invasive.

Your doctor, nurse, or health center staff can help you decide which kind of abortion is best for you. Search Abortion Pill / Abortion by Pill under Abortion Clinics by Services to find a clinic nearest you.



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