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Abortion Clinics Columbus – Columbus Women’s Health Organization

3850 Rosemont Drive
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Abortion Clinics Columbus – Columbus Women’s Health Organization, P.C. (CWHO) is a private medical office specializing in reproductive health care including emotionally supportive abortion care.

Low Income women can now receive funding for abortion and reproductive health care. Call our phone counselors for more information at 706-323-8363.

NO pre-operative visit is required here as Georgia law allows the 24 hour consent process to be done on the phone. Alabama clinics are required to have their patients come TWICE to obtain an abortion.

The Decision

The choice for an abortion is not made thoughtlessly or easily. Women choose abortion for many personal reasons. Only the woman has the right and obligation to choose. Many women find it helpful to discuss the decision with their partner, a family member, a close friend, their doctor, a clergyman, or a counselor. This personal issue calls for empathy and understanding in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

By Appointment Only

Call us in advance to make an appointment Mondays through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM EST, and Saturdays 8 AM to 12 PM EST. Please bring any special problems to the attention of the phone counselor. If the appointment has to be canceled for any reason, please let us know at least a day in advance. You must make your appointment and receive informed consent over the phone 24 hours in advance of your procedure. Call us for more information.


Due to limited waiting space, we request our patients to bring only one adult visitor or one set of parents. For the comfort and privacy of all patients, children under 12 are not allowed in the Centers. Comfortable waiting rooms are available to guests who accompany patients.

Be Patient

Because it takes time to give every woman individual attention before, during, and after the abortion, plan to be at the Center 4-6 hours.  We are primarily concerned with patients’ well-being and will not compromise to save time.


When a woman arrives at the Center, she is greeted by a receptionist who will ask her to complete some admissions and medical history forms.


Laboratory personnel will then perform tests which include hematocrit, RH blood typing, and pregnancy testing.

Watch out for #FakeClinics!



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