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Partners in Abortion Care

Partners in Abortion Care –  – Member of NAF and ACN

  • Abortion Pill up to 11 weeks
  • Procedural Abortion up to 26 weeks
  • Induction Abortion after 26 weeks
  • Financial assistance available

Partners in Abortion Care abortion clinic in College Park, MD

Partners in Abortion Care is the only women-owned and operated abortion clinic providing abortions in all trimesters. We are also the only abortion clinic co-founded by a certified nurse midwife and physician partnership. This innovative collaboration allows us to provide compassionate abortion care that blends the best aspects of both midwifery and medical care. We’re located in College Park, Maryland, and we’re committed to helping people coming from areas where abortion rights have been restricted.

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Medication Abortion

(Before 11 Weeks)

Our compassionate clinicians provide evidence-based medication abortion services before 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Procedural Abortion Care

(Before 26 Weeks)

Our staff and clinicians are committed to patient care. We offer in-clinic procedural abortion care with IV sedation up to 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Induction Abortion

(After 26 Weeks)

We are a trusted provider for safe, gentle, and private induction abortions with IV sedation beyond 26 weeks of pregnancy.


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