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Mile High OB-GYN Denver

Mile High OB/GYN Denver – Member of ACN

  • Abortion Pill up to 10 weeks
  • Procedure Abortion up to 10+ weeks
  • Insurance Accepted / Financial Assistance

Mile High OB-GYN abortion clinic in Denver, Colorado

At Mile High OB/GYN, we offer state-of-the-art women’s healthcare at two convenient locations in the Denver area. Since opening our doors in the 1950s, we have worked to provide women with exceptional obstetrical and gynecological services. Our care is highly personal. We offer the latest treatment options, and our goal is always to help patients achieve their best health now and for decades to come.

Mile High OB-GYN Denver abortion clinicAt Mile High OB/GYN, we take the time to get to know our patients, and we strive to provide care that is tailored to help every patient achieve optimal health through every phase of life. Everyone in our office, from our front-desk staff, to our nurses, ultrasound tech, and physicians, is here to listen, answer your questions, and provide the kind of care that, like our practice, will span generations. Our doctors are specialists, and we provide many services and surgical procedures in our offices. When your health needs require hospital care, Mile High OB/GYN doctors have the experience and expertise, offering the latest robotic and minimally invasive surgical options.

At Mile High OB/GYN, we’re all about family. Founded by Dr. Stan Goodman with a mission to provide quality care to patients in a caring and giving manner, we have grown as a family—Dr. Reid Goodman, our founder’s son, joined the practice to carry on his father’s ideals.

Over our six decades in practice, we’ve added more physicians and staff, a second location for more convenience, a wider variety of services, and care for generations of patients.

Whether you are planning to grow your own family or you need specialized gynecological care, our team at Mile High OB/GYN is here to see you through all of life’s milestones and transitions.

The team at Mile High OB/GYN have been providing abortion services for almost 40 years. Their policy has always been to put the patient first, and to provide compassionate care at an affordable price. They treat local patients as well as patients who travel to the office from all around the country.

At Mile High OB/GYN a team of board-certified obstetricians, including male and female doctors, are available for both medical and surgical abortions. Medical abortions are available for patients at up to 10-weeks gestation. This procedure consists of a pill taken at home, which the doctors at Mile High will go over with you at your consultation. Surgical abortions are a quick and low risk option for patients beyond 10-weeks gestation. The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes, and the overall appointment runs approximately 45 minutes. You’ll be allowed to bring a friend, family member, or other support provider in for the procedure with you, if you so desire.

Some patients aren’t in need of counseling or consultation, so the team at Mile High always treat abortion services like emergency care. They work hard to schedule appointments within 48 hours of the patient’s call, so there’s no lengthy wait time. Should a patient want counseling first, the team will happily talk you through all the available options for care. They’ll also help you work out any financing or insurance questions you might have beforehand.

In addition to abortion services, the doctors at Mile High specialize in the full range of OB/GYN services. They can advise you on any treatment related to your pregnancy, but you won’t be pushed in any particular direction. They approach every case with respect, compassion, and expertise, so you always get the quality care you deserve.

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