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Annandale Women and Family Center

  • City: Alexandria
  • Street: 2839 Duke Street
  • State: Virginia
  • Zip Code: 22314
  • Website: http://awfc.net/
  • Phone: 703-751-4702
  • Fax: 703 - 751 - 2983
  • Location:

Annandale Women and Family Center Abortion Clinic in Alexandria, VA

At Annandale Women and Family Center we understand the value of good health and well-being that comes from professional providers in partnership with pro-active clients.

Our services include internal medicine (primary care), gynecology, abortion and medical skin care.

Our clients live and work Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Our medical professionals of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and nurse aestheticians serve individuals from adolescence through adulthood.

Annandale Women and Family Center - abortion clinic in Alexandria, VA

AWFC’s  women’s health care and primary care, skin care and abortion services for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC  place great emphasis on the importance of preventing diseases and promoting wellness and health.

We view our patients in a holistic manner.  AWFC is owned by a nurse practitioner who is schooled in the need for integrated care.  Our team of medical professionals are experts in their fields of specialization to ensure that every medical condition is treated using evidence based medicine with a strong proactive approach.

Here we help make the world a better place for women and men. If you are concerned about your pregnancy and considering an abortion, come in for a conversation. We listen with an open and unbiased mind. We provide honest and accurate information. You deserve our high quality professional care.

Our staff has over 30 years of caring and specializing in 1st Trimester Abortion Services.

We care about the whole woman and you will find that makes us different. Your safety, well-being, and future fertility are our greatest concerns. Whether you choose abortion, adoption, or parenthood, our staff is concerned only with the choice that best fits your needs. We provide personal, caring service with attention to individual needs.

The AWFC has been providing the best reproductive health care to women in the community for over thirty years.

Our facility has the best medical equipment and is staffed by a team of medical professionals who specialize in providing abortion services.

We have well experienced, locally practicing physicians from the community. They are Board Certified Ob/Gyn surgeons.

Our nursing staff will provide you with health education and prevention strategies. We have earned a reputation for exceptional service and this is illustrated by the number of health care providers that refer their patients to our practice.