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CARE Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence – Bellevue

CARE Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence – Member of NAF and ACN

  • Abortion Pill up 10 weeks
  • Procedure Abortion up to 24 weeks
  • Late Abortion for Fetal Indications
  • IV Sedation by Request
  • Financial Assistance

CARE Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence – Bellevue, Nebraska abortion clinic

CARE Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence

Providing care with Kindness, Courtesy, Justice, Love & Respect for over 45 years

Founded by LeRoy and Mary Lou Carhart, part of our mission is to to provide comprehensive abortion care that recognizes the complexities of people’s lives and experiences in a compassionate, comfortable and personal environment.
Committed to helping people who can become pregnant

We recognize the needs of each client as an individual, while attempting to keep costs as affordable as possible. Every member of our team has pledged to make your experience with us one we would want for ourselves, friends, and family members.

Specializing in 2nd & 3rd trimester abortion care

​We are one of the nations only clinics who provide abortion care throughout pregnancy, meaning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester abortion care. We actively recognize the need for the care we provide and are proud to serve our patients with comprehensive abortion care.


This method is used to end early pregnancies. It is not approved yet for later pregnancies, and is an option for up to ten weeks since the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). Less than 2% of people who take Mifepristone will need a surgical procedure to end the pregnancy or to stop bleeding.

A medication abortion is done using 2 different medications. The first medication is called Mifepristone. Mifepristone is a pill that blocks the hormone that helps the pregnancy to grow. This is given along with another medication known as Misoprostol. Misoprostol causes your body to expel the pregnancy. This two step option is a safe and effective way of having an abortion at your home or wherever you decide to be during this process. This type of abortion requires you to have a follow-up appointment 10-14 days after your abortion.

What sets us apart?

CARE can get you in for your appointment within the week. Our usual wait for an appointment is less than 3 days.

CARE was one of the eleven sites in the United States selected to perform the research that lead to the FDA approved version of the French abortion pill (RU-486).

CARE provides all patients with care based on our belief that every patient should be treated with kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect.

CARE provides 24/7/365 direct access to your physician for your questions, concerns and treatment of any problems.

CARE provides all medicines you need, including pain medication at no extra cost.

CARE provides you with on site, physician reviewed ultrasound.

Second Trimester Surgical Abortion Care – From 14 to 24 weeks
A D&E (dilation and evacuation) procedure is performed to end pregnancy between the 14th and 24th weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). At our practice we strive for an induction abortion for patients who are more than 22 weeks. The procedure is usually a 1-3 day process, depending on how many weeks pregnant you are and medical history. First, an ultrasound will be done. This is done by passing a microphone-like instrument over your abdomen which measures the size of your pregnancy. The final decision as to whether the D&E may be performed in the clinic will depend on your medical history, physical exam, lab tests, and the doctor’s evaluation. The first day of the procedure you will have laminaria (FDA approved dilators) inserted into the opening of the womb that absorb bodily fluid to cause dilation. The second day, the procedure will be performed. Some procedures are 3-4 days depending on medical history. The first 2-3 days are used for dilation; the procedure will be performed on the last day where the doctor removes all of the pregnancy tissue and empties the contents of the womb. After this, you will spend as much time as you need in the observation room with a patient care technician. When your condition is stable and you are ready to leave, you will receive the necessary prescriptions and follow-up instructions, including what you should do in the event of a complication.

Third Trimester Surgical Abortions
(25 weeks and up)

This is normally a 3 day procedure depending on your medical history. First, an ultrasound will be done. This is done by passing a microphone-like instrument over your abdomen (belly) which measures the size of your pregnancy. The final decision as to whether the induction can be done will depend on your medical history, physical exam, lab tests, and the doctor’s evaluation. On the first day the cervix is slowly opened with plastic or metal rods, each one slightly bigger than the last. When the cervix is as open as possible, small sponges (laminaria) that take up water from your body will be placed; they swell and continue to open the cervix overnight. The next morning the laminaria are removed and new laminaria are placed. This is repeated as needed until the cervix is adequately open. The induction abortion ends with the start of labor and delivery of a stillborn.

Birth control: You can become pregnant again right after your pregnancy ends. To avoid any unwanted or unplanned pregnancy start using birth control immediately.

*We strongly suggest planning an extra day with your visit with us. Sometimes an extra day for dilation is needed for later abortions.

Fetal Anomaly Abortions

If you are reading this page, it is likely that you or a loved one has to plan on how to handle a severely, compromised pregnancy. We are sorry and would like to offer you our most sincere condolences. Should you decide that ending the pregnancy is what is the best decision for you and your pregnancy our team is prepared to provide you with the highest quality abortion care possible.

Many patients request a remembrance of their baby to take home with them. The following lists the items and services that some of our patients have found helpful in their emotional recovery. Every family approaches this experience with their own unique emotional, spiritual, and cultural background. There is no right or wrong way, just “your way”. Once the process of healing has begun, you may want to consider a token of the precious time with you and your baby had together. All of these features of our program will be discussed with you while you are with us.

If and when you decide that abortion is the decision for you, the CARE team is ready help you.

If you are at or above 28 weeks in your pregnancy or are a provider referring someone to our office we may request the following:

Diagnosis of fetal anomaly or complication
Most recent ultrasound measurements
Estimated due date (EDD)
Placenta placement

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