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CARE Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence Bethesda

  • City: Bethesda
  • Street: 10401 Old Georgetown Rd., Suite 104
  • State: Maryland
  • Zip Code: 68005
  • Phone: 888-684-3599
  • Location:

At CARE Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence we provide abortions, contraception and routine medical care to women and men in a compassionate, comfortable and personal environment.

We recognize the needs of each client as an individual, while attempting to keep costs as affordable as possible. Every member of our team has pledged to make your experience with us one we would want for our sisters, our partners, our mothers and our daughters. And we want you to know, you are not alone. One of every three women of child bearing age in the United States will have or has had an abortion.

There are many issues that must be addressed to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout your visit here. Although for many, when they think about comfort, physical pain is what immediately comes to mind; but if is really only one part. Yes, you will have some pain; however, most women describe the pain to be like bad “period cramps”. Conscious sedation can be considered for certain situations in particular locations in addition to the local anesthetic. You need to know that you will not be judged by us, that we will fully respect your choice. Our pledge is to treat every patient with kindness, courtesy, love, justice, and respect.


24 hours after taking the Mifeprex you will take a series of four (4) Cytotec tablets over three (3) hours. You place one (1) tablet in your upper cheek and jaw for about an hour and it dissolves. An hour later repeat on the other side. An hour after the second dose you place two (2) tablets in your upper jaw, on each side, for about an hour and let them dissolve. Cytotec causes cramping and bleeding, and may also cause nausea, diarrhea, and other symptoms. This is the pill which causes your uterus to expel any products of conception.

You will receive the necessary medications (including for the pain of cramping) in the clinic, and follow-up instructions, including what you should do in the event of a complication.

You will need to make an appointment for a check-up visit, usually about two (2) weeks after the abortion. This appointment only takes about ten (10) minutes. If you were found to still be pregnant or have any products of conception remaining in your uterus we would offer the surgical procedure at no cost (See 1st Trimester Surgical).

There are no restrictions following a medical abortion.

Pregnancy tests can read positive for up to six (6) weeks post abortions.


Insertion of cervical dilators (laminaria): The cervix (the opening in the uterus) can be stretched open over a period of several hours using an osmotic cervical dilator that swells by soaking up fluid from the cervix. The vagina is first cleansed. Then the cervix is numbed with local anesthetic. Laminaria are inserted into the cervix where they will stay overnight, kept in place by a tampon, soaked in betadine, inserted into the vagina. You will be sent home with medications to take around the clock. You will also be given written instructions for your care while the dilators are in place. Depending on your gestation this may be repeated the second day.


Before the procedure is started, an IV will be inserted into your arm and connected to a bag of fluid. Once this is in place, we will give all your medications through the IV. A local anesthetic is injected into or around the cervix. The tampons and laminaria which were inserted the previous day will be removed. The cervix may need to be stretched more using a series of rods (dilators). Each is a little wider than the one before.

A blunt tipped tube (cannula) is inserted into the uterus. This tube is attached to a suction machine which is then turned on. The contents of the uterus are removed by suction and instrument. This lasts between 10 to 30 minutes. After the uterus has been emptied, a spoon shaped instrument (curette) may be used to determine that the uterus is completely empty.

After this, you will spend as much time as need in the observation room with a patient care technician. When your condition is stable and you are ready to leave, you will receive the necessary prescriptions and follow-up instructions, including what you should do in the event of a complication.

IMPORTANT: If you receive IV sedation you will not be able to drive. You must have someone with you to drive home.

When the procedure is complete, you will be shown how to do uterine massage. You will need to do this for one (1) minute every one half (½) hour for the next eight (8) hours. You will be given an appointment for a check-up, usually about six (6) weeks after the abortion; this appointment usually takes about ten (10) minutes.

Pregnancy tests can read positive for up to six (6) weeks post abortions.