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Houston Women’s Reproductive Services

Houston Women's Reproductive Services

Houston Women’s Reproductive Services
5225 Katy Fwy, Suite 370
Houston, TX 77007
fax 281-501-8176


Located in Houston, Texas, Houston Women’s Reproductive Services offers the abortion pill for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. Near historic Houston Heights, we are conveniently located off the Katy I-10 freeway.

Our calm office is private, low volume, offering personalized abortion pill care. Our experienced staff is specially trained in abortion pill care. Your office visit is under 2 hours.

We provide the abortion pill for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. No judgement, just honest answers. Our care staff is among the best in the country.

The abortion pill (RU 486) or medication abortion is a combination of two medications that work together to end a pregnancy and shed the uterine lining. The two medicines used are mifepristone and misoprostol.

Texas law requires a mandatory, in-person consultation appointment with a physician and ultrasound at least 24 hours before taking the first pill. At your first visit, you will be given detailed written and verbal instructions on what to expect during this process and how to take the medications.

**There is an exception if you live more than 100 miles from a Texas licensed abortion facility. If that applies to you, we are able to provide this information over the phone at least 24 hrs in advance. Please discuss with our staff when you call so we can be sure you qualify and have all the necessary information.

According to Texas Law, a woman under 18 years of age requires parental consent before she can obtain an abortion. However, you have options. The Texas organization Jane’s Due Process will help you through a legal process (at no charge) to have an abortion without notifying a parent. Please call our clinic to find out more about this law, or visit their website at www.janesdueprocess.org

BEWARE of Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Please be aware that these clinics often portray themselves as medical clinics and even choose names that sound legitimate. They advertise aggressively under Abortion or Women’s Organizations or Pregnancy. When you call, they are very pushy about having you come in rather than giving you information over the phone. One of their tactics is to offer a free ultrasound and some even park a bus outside an abortion clinic. Once you go for the ultrasound, they give biased, inaccurate information about your pregnancy and abortion. For your own safety and protection, ask if they perform abortions. If they do not answer YES, they are probably not a legitimate provider. There are a number of these pregnancy counseling and testing centers run by anti-abortion groups. Remember, these clinics exist for one reason: to prevent women from choosing abortion. One of their tactics is making women wait for pregnancy test results while showing a film or giving literature to scare you.
Read more about them here: