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Ann Rose creator of Abortion Clinics Online (ACOL)Ann Rose is the creator of Abortion Clinics OnLine the 1st and LARGEST Internet directory for abortion clinics and abortion providers worldwide.

She has proudly worked with abortion clinics and family planning centers since 1976. Ann is a strong advocate and voice for women's reproductive rights.

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Dr. Mildred Hanson female abortion doctors in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis - Meadowbrook Women's Clinic 612-376-7708 / 800-721-7708
Minneapolis - Mildred Hanson M.D. 612-870-1334
Minneapolis - Robbinsdale Clinic 763-533-2534

Boulder CO - Boulder Abortion Clinic - Late Therapeutic Abortion 303-447-1361 / 800-535-1287 
Milwaukee WI - Affiliated Medical Services 414-278-0424 / 800-498-0424

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