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Ann Rose creator of Abortion Clinics Online (ACOL)Ann Rose is the creator of Abortion Clinics OnLine the 1st and LARGEST Internet directory for abortion clinics and abortion providers worldwide.

She has proudly worked with abortion clinics and family planning centers since 1976. Ann is a strong advocate and voice for women's reproductive rights.

If you're not able to find answers to your questions on the ACOL website, please contact ACOL at 770-434-5957  or send
E-Mail:, ACOL celebrates 15 years online

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List your Abortion Clinic on the Internet for ONLY $1600/year (or $133/month) to attract new abortion patients.

Abortion Clinics Online is an innovative method of disseminating abortion services information to the public. Abortion Clinics OnLine is an on-line internet Web Site which lists your abortion facility in a specialized directory. It is like a giant "Yellow Pages" in Cyberspace. By having a World Wide Web HomePage for your facility listed in ACOL, anyone in the world with a computer and modem can view your page and see your information.

In addition to being listed on the Internet in the main Abortion Clinics OnLine directory, we would create for your clinic its own personal Basic Internet WebSite which could include any information you want. And you don't have to reinvent the wheel. We can take the promotional materials you've already developed and adapt them for your HomePage. We usually suggest that your main page be general, then your linked pages include information on procedures, pictures, prices, patient instructions, directions, maps, etc. We have over 400 clinics listed in 40 states and Australia. To see some sample designs, go to our website design partner,

So far, over 7,000,000 people have viewed this site. Since 1995, ACOL is the world's largest source for abortion services information on the Net and is seen by over 15,000 people per week. Many clinics have gotten significant patient referrals from it. Clinics have reported 3-30 patient referrals per month. Some clinics report that over 50% of their patients come from the Internet. Abortion Clinics OnLine is the largest worldwide source for abortion clinic information.

Your personal Internet HomePage address would be: 

More young people are "surfing the net" and many colleges and universities offer access to computers linked to the Web for students' use. If you advertise in college or university publications, you might want to add your Internet address to your ads. Also, people locally can access information about you because we will register you with some of the most popular Search Engines. Like the "Yellow Pages", the Internet has become a major source of patient referrals.
Click here for comments from ACOL clinics about advertising on Abortion Clinics OnLine.

You don't even need to have a computer or know how to use one to be in Abortion Clinics OnLine. You need to recognize that others are using computers and want to advertise to them.

For only $1600 you can advertise your clinic on the Internet for a entire year.

If you've already have a clinic website you can hyperlink it to our State Section for only $1600/year (ask about the special rate for Planned Parenthood affiliates).

Display Ads, Bold Listing Upgrades, Additional State Listings, and Category Listings are also available. For more information on these options, go to Advertising Rates.

Ann Rose has worked with clinics since 1976 in Advertising and Marketing. This is the most exciting educational innovation she has seen in years. Call 770-434-5957 if you need more information.

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